Nokes almost got a squirrel

I was having a snack before dinner after I got home yesterday, and Nokes was whining to go out. Immediately after I let him out he went full speed to the back by the tomato bush. It wasn’t until he was almost all the way back that I saw what he was after, a squirrel. It was hard to see by the bush, and we don’t get a whole lot of squirrels in our yard anyway. That may be the first I can remember seeing.

He almost got him too. The squirrel dashed one way but couldn’t get out and then went the other way and got under the fence.

I really didn’t want to have to clear a squirrel out of Noksie’s mouth anyway.

It was today that I really saw him chase the birds with such focused intent that Sarah was talking about as well. We were on our afternoon walk and we went right by a fence full of birds. They scattered as we went by and he about went into a tizzy.

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