Nokes is getting stronger

Lately he has been really into playing tug with his frisbee kong. Sarah doesn’t like to do this with him, but I think it is pretty fun, so I do. Sometimes he’ll win, but usually only if I let him. But he really shakes the heck out of my arm. But in the last few days, I have found it even more fun to let him win on his back tug. He tugs so hard that sometimes he springs back up on his back legs, almost flipping himself over. At the very least the motion causes him to throw his head back and the frisbee above his head.

Dave saw Nokes this week after a hiatus, and called him a monster, so he must be getting a little bigger. We heard this week from some friends that a dog will grow 75% of their total size in the first year, and the last 25% in the second year. So, I suppose he could get a little bigger yet, which would be great. He is getting thicker, and I love that about him.

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