Circus Charlie – Vectored Ringmaster

Vector Artwork of Circus Charlie Ringmaster
Today I started on vectorizing one of the Circus Charlie photos I straightened. The ringmaster artwork was fairly simple, and was one of the more clear photos I got.

The vector artwork will have to wait on the textured splatter effect on the colors. For now the colors are just solid. I would imagine eventually I will need to find a piece of NOS Circus Charlie sideart and get it scanned and use the scan for a raster effect.

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Hey – your vector traces look great! Are you reproducing any of your work to actually put on games, or are you working with someone that is going to print it for you? Just curious. 🙂

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For all of my artwork that I am having reproduced, I work with Rich from “This Old Game”. He does great work. He did the limited run Professor Pac-man cpanel overlay that I did the artwork for. He will probably also do full kits on a game or two eventually for me, including Food Fight! How exciting would that be. Artwork for every piece. It wouldn’t be cheap….but cool.

Usually I take on a project that is interesting to me, and then I trade that artwork with other people. It’s all in the fun of meeting others in the hobby.

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Just spotted your reply to this. That’s cool…I didn’t realize you were the one that did the Professor Pac CPO. I bought one off you. 🙂

I’m working with Rich to repro the Moon Patrol bezel. I wish I knew how to do that printing stuff myself, but don’t have time for another all consuming hobby.

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I worked with another collector in Pittsburgh to repro the Professor Pac-man Overlay. He took the photos for me, and I did the vector artwork for the overlay and sent it off to our pal Rich at This Old Game. You can read about the Professor Pac-man artwork repro progress from when I was working on it if you are interested

I know what you mean. I wish I had the time to learn how to start my own arcade reproduction printing business. It is time consuming, but would be fun and there are only a select few in this market. But don’t worry (Rich), I doubt it will ever happen with the career path I’m on right now.

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FYI…there is some really crappy Circus Charlie sideart someone peeled off a cabinet on eBay. Figured you might be interested in getting it to scan, but it looks pretty horrible. It’s here:

People are discussing it on KLOV.com…you prob. already saw it, but in case you didn’t:

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I hadn’t actually seen this topic on klov, I haven’t been on there as much this week (which is probably a good thing:). Thanks for letting me know about this crappy Circus Charlie Sideart on ebay someone is selling.

Honestly, that one side may be good enough to scan and use…who knows. I will be keeping an eye on it.

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Finally…. Scans Found / provided by another KLOV member “pacmaniac”! https://bboldt3.homeserver.com/ebayitems/

I hope that Jeff will vector this so I can complete my cabinet on this rare centuri game!!!

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Anyone wanting to see the Circus Charlie sideart reproduced, contact me and we can discuss cost for artwork prepping. I have enough personal projects and not enough time that I am taking on any ‘fun’ work at this time.

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