Indy Arcade Auction, Jr. Pac and Styf’s

We started the morning off with a power walk for Nokes.

When we got back, I got packed up and headed to the Indianapolis Fairgrounds for the Fall USAmusements Arcade Auction. Pretty good turnout this time, some classics, a good amount of pinballs, and a lot of games in general with some cheap deals on less popular games and average prices on the stuff you are interested in. I did my thing, played some, took photos, took prices, wrote down names, etc. But by 1:00, I figured I had seen and done enough so I headed home.

At home I made a couple of calls. I talked to Rich Ford about a number of things for about an hour – hour half. One of which was that he finally got my payment two weeks after I sent it. Talk about a lesson learned in always sending larger money orders via priority mail.

After that call I talked with Dad for a bit, and then I played a whole bunch of Jr. Pac-man, procrastinating a little bit but more just enjoying a game that I have sought after and worked for for 8 months and had sit at the house for two weeks before it was finally finished.

Just before 5 Sarah asked if I would take her and Nokes to the orchard, sounded like fun. We got fresh apples and cider and I got a donut. We took Nokes on a little walk of the now truncated grounds (new housing division in back). Sarah said tomorrow she would be making apple crisp for breakfast with what she got today. How awesome!

When we got back I worked for over 2 hours on finishing up a website launch. It was a lot more work that I thought it would be. Around 8 the Styf’s came over to visit, they had been out to Red Lobster right here by our house for dinner. That was great to see them, felt like it had been ages, and they go to see Nokes again and said he had grown.

When they left, I was tired from a long productive day. I watched some ALCS baseball between the Red Sox and Indians and hit the hay.

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