One GMAT down, one to go

I got up with plenty of time in the morning to get a better grip on what was going down for my test.

I figured out that somehow, I got registered for two practice exams, one at Kelly Business school, and one at U of I. I was glad that I was registered for U of I, because as of last night I thought I was going to have to travel downtown, which is in general, that much more of headache when planning for time.

I reviewed what was on the test, one section I hadn’t gotten to yet in my practice book, so I just glanced through that information and headed on out.

The test is grueling to say the least, staying focused, watching your time, looking critically at the problems and weeding out the incorrect answers. I did just a touch better than I thought I would, in unfavorable conditions with people walking in late, lots of noise, etc.

It was about 12:15 when I got back, and everyone was about ready to go. The plan was to bike the great Indianapolis Monan Trail, it was surprising that we hadn’t taken my parents on it before now. We had some lunch, packed the bikes, and headed downtown. We found out regular spot, pumped up the bikes and away we went. It was a gorgeous day, great sunshine, warm but not hot, I couldn’t have asked for a more picturesque setting.

We went at a leisurely pace, but we still did nearly 30 miles, biking farther north on the Monan than Sarah and I had earlier in the year with Dave. We went all the way up to Carmel. The trip back wasn’t as smooth, there was quite a bit of wind. But I had a great time biking with dad, side by side, and talking about life.

Everyone was hungry when we got back, so we quickly made a decision on where to go to dinner. We chose a place just up the road, Madison Grill on Madison and Troy. It ended up being less than stellar. Everyone but me got the ribeye special, and it didn’t look good, and the deserts we got were a way below average. Mom and Dad took us out, so I feel bad saying that, but at least Mom felt that way too that overall, it wasn’t the best place to eat and I doubt we will eat there again.

When we got back we sat down and watched the University of Michigan game against Illinois. The Boston game was going on too, so we flipped back and forth to see who was winning. Michigan ended up winning their game and so did Boston. Good news for Michigan, they need to recover from a terrible start, and with a win Boston has now forced a game seven on Sunday night.

I got a little bit of play in on the Jr. Pac-man before we all went to bed.

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