My WordPress Seminar at St. John

Today was the day for the seminar that I had planning at St. John Lutheran for over a month. This was the last step to educate the new group of people running the website so I can officially step away from day to day maintenance. I was still debating on whether I should get up in front of church after the service ended to remind the congregation about my class, but the service took so long that it ran into the time that I was going to use as setup. So, I didn’t announce anything.

Ron helped me get things situated as best as possible. I had not one content editor for the church website show up, which was rather disappointing but I had a great little crowd show up that I hadn’t planned on. (even thought I knew of a couple that had already said why they couldn’t be there. I also came home to a message from John on my cell, glad to at least hear from him)

The class went well I thought. I was talking to a group of people that wanted to learn more about web design in general and I was talking about web topics related to the WordPress church website, so I just hope that they got something out of it. We went over a bunch of different stuff, including some HTML tags, so that at least should have been helpful.

The class lasted until 1:30, a little shorter than I had planned, which was great. At the last minute this morning Sarah grabbed snacky food to set out for the class, which made it feel that much more planned out. She is a great compliment to the weaknesses that I have in planning. No one really ate much, but better to have it and not need it then not have it at all.

When we got back, I had freelance stuff to finish up for a couple of hours. I also did a number of other things, played a couple games of Jr. Pac-man, worked on some of the final touches on this blog launch, and got out into the garage to try some things out on the games and take some photos to get some more questions answered.

The rest of the night was the regular Sunday routine. Sarah talked with her parents, I was on the phone with Justin for awhile. By the time we were done with that, Sarah headed to bed, and I watched a couple of Scrubs episodes before hitting the sack.

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