Registered for the GMAT practice exam

I had plans for that weekend, but fortunately those individuals that I have plans with were flexible and allowed me to still take the test. I am all signed up, and it is the perfect amount of time. I plan on starting on Monday, study every night for up to 2 hours, and then see the areas I need to improve on.

All the while I had said, I am going to go to Kelly Business School. Their education ranks up there among other business schools nationwide, but, would that education take me out of Indiana? It is too early to make that decision, but the school is downtown. I can’t emphasize enough how convenient it is to have the University of Indianapolis less than 2 miles away, Hell I could bike to it if I felt like being gross.

There is one piece that concerns me. Granted, they both require the GMAT, so there is a certain level of inherent quality associated with that. But, U of I’s suggested score is 525-535, where Kelly is 600-650 and they still turn away 50% of their applicants. I would be remiss to not want the apparently better school on paper who wants the higher GMAT score. (800 possible points)

I will just have to take the exam and see where I fall. I may not have an option, and have to rely on soft skills to enhance my application.

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