Nokes does love me…

On my two days off last week, Nokes and I got to go on walks in the morning before I started my day. It was nice to not feel so rushed to fit so much stuff in, and be able to take time to appreciate the small stuff like spending time with our Noksie.

But even those nights, I was up later than Sarah, and both of those nights Nokes came downstairs and laid down in my office until I went to bed. Sometimes I forget that he even likes me because of all the attention Sarah gets, but on days like these I remember.

I had another thought yesterday. Whenever we have a wet dew, Nokes doesn’t really like to go out, doesn’t like getting his sissy paws wet. But when Mimi is out, he’ll go out anyway. But then he’ll come inside and do crazy dog, sprinting up and down the hallways as many as 6 times back and forth. I wonder if it is to dry off his paws. Towards the tail end he’ll start jumping on me and growling, which really sucks in shorts, but I had my thick bathrobe on and it hangs really low, so I let him go to town. “Do your worst you crazy clawed furball”, so it was fun to play rough without too much worry of getting shredded.

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