Nokes jumped the couch!

Last night I am in the game / guest room playing my Jr. Pac-man, and Sarah is in the downstairs living room playing with Nokes. All of a sudden she is laughing hysterically.

I ask her what he did, and she said I had to come out and check this out. She told Nokes to stay by me, and then ran to the other side of the couch and called him. He went trotting around to her and I had no idea what the big deal was. Then she ran quickly over to me and he jumped up on the couch back over, face first into the cushions and then down onto the floor. When she ran back, he jumped it again, this time starting out easier on the cushions and over the back down the long drop.

Not a good thing to be teaching him, and not good on his body either, but really cute and hilarious.

He is our lovable chunk. We weighed him for the first time in a long time, not figuring he weighed that much more from when he was 35lbs. Well, he clocked in at 66-67 lbs! We both couldn’t believe it, and are both a little worried. We usually walk him 3-4 times a week on the off gym days so we thought he was getting enough exercise, but apparently not. The weight just seems really high, and affects some other things like…how much we feed him, his flea medication, etc. etc.

Sarah is going to try to get him to the vet in her days off this week to see if he is overweight or what the deal is. He is one heavy puppy

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