Nokes locked himself in the john

Tonight Sarah came down as I was relaxing and asked if I had seen Nokes. I told her I hadn’t, but figured he was around and would turn up in a second or two of searching. But after I heard Sarah make two loops through the house I started to get worried.

Then Sarah was laughing hysterically from our back bedroom. Nokes must have been digging around on the lower shelf and closed the door on himself. In a little tirade he unwound most of the toilet paper and then chewed up the edge, which was really bizarre. Sarah joked, “Well, at least he won’t have to wipe himself next time he goes out to the bathroom.”

~Side Note: I added three photos of Nokes from this month in the photo gallery. I also added a link at the top of his section so you no longer have to go to “Photo Galleries” specifically to see it.

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