Pac Gentlemen Custom Arcade Toy

Saw this on the KLOV forum the other day and I couldn’t resist trying to share it with a larger audience.

Here is a custom made piece of coin-op toy / art as a tribute to Pac-man, one of the pioneering video arcade games of the 80’s.

Pac Gentlemen Custom Toy Image 1Pac Gentlemen Custom Toy Image 2

I didn’t think the joystick detail in particular added anything to the classic arcade game tribute to Pac-man, but I did like a number of ideas about it. The artwork on the side is kind of a low tech way of expressing turn of the century illustration, although the style may not fit. But the little mini “Pac-Gentlemen” marquee did show a little bit of that, with some Art Noveau influences in the intricate detail.

I like the wood finish arcade cabinet, with the metal framing and bolts, giving it that hand crafted feel and the idea of a crank to power the coin-operated machine. A cool little piece of art, reminded me a little bit of my ceramic Pac-man project I did in college, but this one was crafted by an expert.

I left a short little comment on the Urban Retro website about the Pac-man art.

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