Pengo CPO Vector Update 2

Been really looking forward to doing a Pengo control panel vector artwork progress update for over a week. It has taken me forever to find a few minutes here and there to work on tracing the remaining Pengo characters on the overlay. But here is the progress to date;

Pengo Control Panel Overlay Vector Artwork Progress 2

One glance and a collector knows, well, it looks like the Sega Pengo control panel is almost done. But, here are my notes so far;

  1. I traced the “left” direction Pengo and mirrored him. The “right” is slightly different, just enough that I will have to trace Pengo again.
  2. The Upper left Pengo and Sno-Bee are a mirror of the left side. They are a touch different as well, but that character artwork is a little more complex. I will have to take votes on what people think
  3. I think there are some color separation discrepancies from the original control panel overlay. I will also have to take a vote on what to do about that.
  4. Of course, the “Pengo” logo has to be traced.

I will probably post blown up raster images of the Pengo overlay details in question above, so keep posted here. But first things first, trace Pengo going for the right joystick direction and go from there.

~Edit 12/13/2007 I have now crossed off some of the completed items above on the Pengo control panel overlay. Check my new updated post “Pengo CPO Vector Update 3” – Tracing Complete! to see the current progress.

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Oh, and of course, then there is the other control panel overlay with the numerals by the player buttons. (Funny enough, I got to thinking last night and this is the only piece of Pengo art that I don’t have now. I have every other piece of artwork.) Brian Koening still has one of those overlay’s NOS and he pm’d me;

I still have the one unused overlay left that I didn’t sell. I can lend it to you if you’d like. Any way that you can throw me a couple of the repros when you’re finished for lending you mine?

I have one option at least.

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I have one, possibly 2 NOS CPOs with the roman numerals. I have vectorized a 600 dpi scan of one of them, including the instruction text (didn’t find a perfect font match so I vectorized the font…). Paintshop Pro was used to vectorize and I can make the artwork available, or lend an original CPO to the effort…

Also, my buddy has a nice Pengo with 98% sideart on both sides. I’ve got some initial scans he did, but they need to be rescanned. I’m interested in getting a set of side art as my machine has only one side, and it’s torn. Drop me an email…Thanks.

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Thanks so much for dropping me a line about this reproduction project. Good to know a couple more collectors that are fans of Pengo. Are you interested in adding your names to my Pengo registry?


Either way, I shot you an email, sounds like you have some good Pengo artwork. I am about 90% through retracing the Pengo right direction for the joystick. I have decided next to move onto the Pengo lettering at the bottom and then nail out the particulars I mentioned on the artwork afterwards.

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I just noticed the you’re working on Jr Pacman as well. I have dreams of completing a Pacman conversion cabinet for my Jr Pac board (which currently lives in my Ms Pac machine, along with Ms Pac). This project is way off in the future, as I’m out of room at home, but I’m always looking out for the artwork (repro or NOS), at an affordable cost.

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I am working on a kit for Jr. Pac-man as well, and that one is a little further along. I have vectorized files for the Jr. Pac-man sideart, control panel overlay, kickplate, and bezel. I did all of the files except the bezel myself.

The oversize Jr. Pac-man marquee is about 60+% done. But right now, this is where my stacking order falls for projects

The Glob custom kickplate
Pengo Artwork Kit (Sideart, Control Panel Overlay, Bezel, Marquee)
Secret Complete Custom Project 🙂 (Hopefully comes to fruition)
Jr. Pac-man Vector

Jr. Pac-man has a whole other set of issues if it is actually printed and this isn’t an exercise in practice:)

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