The joys of driving US31 to Michigan

I finished off my week with three days off. They were productive days for sure, it is always great for me to be at home, get to things that I never seem to have time for during the week, and reach a certain level of satisfying productivity.

I have been able to spend some time in working on the blog this week, getting some advertising setup and getting some more of that great content added. Not to mention add some reciprocal linking which should help get the site higher in the rankings and bring in more revenue as well. This morning I tried to figure out what to post in the arcade section, so I worked on some vector stuff.

I was actually killing a little time. It was freezing outside, and I knew that today was our day off from the gym so that meant I needed to take Noksie on a walk. It wasn’t that much warmer when I went out around 10. It was the best walk I have had with him in recent memory. Granted, he is a very good dog and obedient in general. But today he just seemed to heel the whole walk and not pull me in some odd direction with all of his nearly 70 lb might.

On the walk I had a lot of time to think, and when I got back I wrote down those thoughts concerning my future in the rough form of a plan.

Then I worked on a layout for a potential client, which was actually really fun. It was a gift for a part that he will be giving me for an arcade game on Sunday.

Soon after it was time to get things ready around the house. I took care of some of the small things I knew Sarah would want done and put in a pizza for a late lunch / early dinner.

Sarah had a half day in service, so that meant we should be able to leave the house at a reasonable time. She got home at 3:30, and most everything was ready to go but load up the car. We loaded Nokes up, got some gas, and we were on our way.

Or so I thought. Driving up US31 through Indiana is always like a never ending screeching child. It’s tries your patience until you feel like you’re about to break and you have finally made it to Michigan. I knew we would hit rush hour traffic by Carmel because of the time, but today was particularly bad up north of Westfield. So we jogged over to 421 and went north parallel to US31. It was a nice drive. But by the time we actually arrived, with a quick stop to let the dog eat and fill up a tire, our total travel time was somewhere close to five and a half hours.

Sarah couldn’t stay, she was going back to her parents house. She dropped me off, said a quick hello, and headed out. We knew that Nokes would probably be crazy the rest of the night and the earlier she could get over to the Chapman’s the better.

Justin and I didn’t do much, we watched about 4-5 episodes of Scrubs and then hit the sack.

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