U of M vs. Michigan State Football

The big game was a big part of the point of going to Allendale, Michigan this weekend to see Justin and Jennifer. University of Michigan vs. Michigan State game is a time honored rivalry between two college football teams dating back 100 years. They invited friends from both sides to cheer on their school of alliegence, so we knew today had the potential to be interesting. But before I get ahead of myself.

In the morning Justin and I watched a couple more episodes of Scrubs until the pool at GVSU was open. At just before 11 we headed out, Gary Goosen drove, it’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen him. It will be like old times in high school.

I was really looking forward to getting back into the pool. It has been quite awhile, if I have even done freestyle since we have moved to Indianapolis at all. But it wasn’t meant to be. We got onto the pool deck and the coach told us that they had a meet today. We could swim for 10-15 minutes if we wanted, but they we had to head out.

So, we managed to get into the gym so I did some lifting and the other two did some stomach work and whatnot.

When we got back, Justin and I watched a couple more episodes before the game, we’re moving right through them. The game was to start at 3:30, and people started showing up around 2:30.

It was a fun evening. They had an amazing amount of people there, all close friends. That was really cool for them, to see those people show up that the have been building relationships with. When they had their house warming party, they had a ton of people show up, but there were a good portion that weren’t close friends, just people from work.

Sarah came back from Grand Haven with all sorts of news from her fun day with the dog and both of our parents. She fixed Nokes collar, took the dogs to the beach, made carmel corn, and did some shopping.

The game was pretty pathetic on both ends. State had a ton of penalties, and all Chad Henne did was air out a whole bunch of Hail Mary’s and hoped Mario Manningham caught them. The percentages were there for long passes to possibility of catches, so we were bound to get a few and in the end Michigan won the game 27-23. The best part of the game was possibly when the cameras showed Henne running out. He did this little jump to hit the field goal pole, and totally bit it face first. It was awesome.

People left pretty soon after the game was done. About half of us stayed around, had some more beer, started up a fire and had some smores. Everyone called it a night pretty earlier, most people crashing around 10. Sarah left at that point too, knowing that Nokes would need some attention before bed. I was wide awake until midnight. Justin and I got in a few more episodes together, and then I watched a few on my own before hitting the sack.

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