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I can’t find the source of how this website was found, (www.whysoserious.com/personalityprofile) but if you now go to WhySoSerious.com, you can continue following the viral campaign for The Dark Knight by taking Joker’s personality profile.

Screenshot of Joker's Personality Profile Questionairre

As you can see, on the personality questionairre I scored a “Belly Buster”. I tried to answer all of Joker’s questions how I thought he wanted them answered, but I still few a number of notches short from the top.

The imagry for the Dark Knight movie is right on, just look at the style and the subject matter, such awesome ideas to get people involed and excited.

It was asked if anyone has gotten “A Scream” on the profile test, and if anything happens. I haven’t found anyone who has, and it appears right now as if this is just a fun test. So many other viral websites are popping up that it appears this is just one more cog in the whole campaign wheel that adds to the fun, not something you solved for an additional clue. Hence the “Send to a friend”. They want you to get other people interested in the Dark Knight movie to get involved in this hype.

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does anyone know what happens/if it is possible to score a “scream” on the whysoserious.com quiz?

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I don’t know if it is possible to make it through the personality profile quiz and score “A Scream”. Heck, there were two other levels above me on Joker’s test, “Top Banana” and “Hilarious”.

Of course, I haven’t researched it, so I would be curious to know what others got and if anyone figured out all of the answers to get the top score.

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I got “a scream”. I was upset that after clicking everying a bunch of times I couldn’t get any higher then “Belly Buster”. So I clicked to do it again and just clicked more then one at a time. I would click answer 4 then 3 really quick and it checked two. So I did this for everything and it ended up giving me the score “a scream”

and just because people are haters


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Wow, it’s really cool to wake up one day and have someone comment on a post that is older than a month or two.

Thanks for letting us know, awesome. You are good, glad to see someone got “A Scream” on the Joker’s profile contest from the Dark Knight Viral Marketing.

Anyone else out there? At least SquidVicious has an image on Flickr that makes it almost certain. Interesting to see “A Scream” is lit up in red at the very top.

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Well, apparently the Joker wants a cheater. All you have to do is click two answers and it works. But, you can never click three, as it seems impossible.

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What do you mean click two answers? When you click an answer on the personality profile it advances you to the next question.

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couldn’t you have just printscreened it when the lights are flashing? But anywho I got Hilarious without cheating or anything, just answering truthfully! XD

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Oh, and with the answering with two answers you have to click them really fast to get two.

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Interesting, fast clicking to score higher.

So, did you score ‘A Scream’ on Joker’s test? If you did, I would be willing to post a screenshot here with credit if you want. The other guy who got that level already had a screen posted in Flickr, so linking to the image in that case was the better option.

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I got a scream as well. 😛
Wasnt all that difficult once I twiddled around.
Apparently you can unfold the letter on question 7.
Takes some precise clicking.
And I also discovered to archive “A Scream” just check two answers on every question.

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I don’t think it has to be every question. How precise are whe talking here?

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Turns out I wrong with the letter. My computer responded to a virus that made me lose all sound, even freezing my computer when near it.
It was just a coincidence that it acted as soon as I clicked it.
And, well, when I say every question just check two, I mean pick the most logical two, make it funny and brutal.

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So, I assume everyone here went and saw The Dark Knight on opening weekend? How many of you went to see it on IMAX?



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I saw it on opening day. I didn’t go to IMAX though, but I’m gonna get to see it again at one of those old school night drive ins where you sit in your car and they put it up on a huge screen, IT’S GONNA BE AWESOME! 😀

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