Agent X / Cloak Dagger Jacket

Yesterday I got an interesting email from another collector interested in Agent X information. His name is Alan, and he was looking for photos of an Agent X machine.

After an email exchange, he told me that he knew Dave Comstock, who was the Atari programmer that was supposed to port Cloak and Dagger over to the 5200. Dave Comstock owns one of the original Agent X machines, from the limited run that were produced. (That information is readily available on the internet.) Alan also mentioned that he owns a Cloak and Dagger jacket, only two were ever made. I thought that was kind of interesting and obscure, so here are two photos of the jacket below.

Rare Cloak Dagger Agent X Jacket 1Rare Cloak Dagger Agent X Jacket 2

I haven’t asked him yet, but depending on his relationship with Dave, maybe he bought one of the jackets from him. I am sure Dave has a ton of old Atari stuff since he is a former employee.

~Edit Alan had the Cloak and Dagger jackets made, so this particular arcade item wasn’t made by Atari. But it is definitely something you don’t see all the time.

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More information from Alan

Russell Dawe is the chief designer of Cloak&Dagger, I haven’t heard from him since Atari split up, but he goes to the California Arcade Games just about every year. He signed this piece.

Russell sold his Cloak&Dagger, he had nnumber 1 or 2. His Cloak & Dagger was the one they used in the movie, he had both name-plates he could change if he wanted to an AgentX.

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