Sega Pengo Bezel Vectoring Finished!

I thought for sure over Christmas break I would be able to crank through vectorizing one piece of Pengo artwork per day, and by the end I would have every single piece of Pengo artwork in a nice Illustrator file ready for reproductions. Time for working on classic arcade artwork was not easy to come by however.

I did manage to finish vectorizing the Pengo bezel….for now. I haven’t included the dot pattern, and I also still need to scan in the inner portions of the bezel that fold into the monitor and add those vector pieces to the complete artwork. But here is a small image of the finished piece, Sno-Bees and all.

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very nice!

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would this be available for sale im trying to restore a pengo and my bezel is ruined…any info on perhaps purchasing the file with the bezel vectors artwork like above would be greatly appreciated
thank you

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