Wanna see the twins?

Common question on the set of any Brad Pitt movie I am sure, but in this case, my two Vision Pro monitors arrived from Happ on Monday.

Happ Vision Pro Monitors

I got two monitors in the mail on Monday (one’s for a friend). Where’s the original arcade related information you ask? This post is specifically for any other collectors here in Indianapolis, Indiana to gauge how much shipping and tax would be to buy your very own Happ 19″ Vision Pro while they are still on sale this month. It isn’t a knock ’em sock ’em robots deal, but it’s better than usual. Here’s the breakdown shipped to 46227.

  • Flat Monitor Cost – $270
  • Shipping – $36.99
  • Tax – $18.42

Oh, and I should mention I put in my order on Friday, and my monitors shipped that afternoon and arrived at my home residence on Monday afternoon! Granted, I believe Happ has a distribution center in Chicago, but I was very happy with the expediency and thrilled the monitors arrived free of damage.

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Nice…I’m jealous. 🙂 Haven’t bought any new monitors yet. All mine look great picture wise due to cap kits, BUT I have a few that have bad burn in and could stand to be replaced someday.

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I haven’t seen a cap kit that is quite as good as a brand new arcade monitor. Don’t get me wrong, Cap Kits look great, but when I play my Jr. Pac-man with the relatively new Happ Vision Pro I bought two years ago, the colors jump off the screen.

But there is the other side. Why go and replace all of the monitors in your games and add $150 plus to your bottom line. Granted, there is a little bit more of a price break when you buy four of these Happ’s Vision Pro’s (it’s like a $130 price point, whoop dee) but if you even have to sell the game and get most of your money back, the monitor is worth as much as the game and by the time you go to sell it, you can’t really claim the Vision Pro is “new” anymore.

Rick Ford did a ton of replacements on his video games, I would guess maybe as many as 10 monitors. I haven’t asked him what kind of price break he got from Happ, if anymore than the $130 point when he did it six months ago, but that would be the route if you have the money.

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Yeah, I know what you mean. $150 per game can add up quick. Unless I hit Powerball I’ll probably just replace the monitors that have bad burn in (someday).

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Hello; where I can buy this monitor happ pro vision?

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