Craigslist Pac-man Cocktail Deal

It was about 11:30 last night, and I checked my feeds for Craigslist. As anyone who hunts Craigslist for classic arcade games knows, and I have experienced this first hand with my Ms. Pac-man win in Michigan, 99% of the time it’s junk and spammers but that 1% of the arcade findings are a great deal, and then it all comes down to timing.

Somehow I totally missed a post for northern Indianapolis at about 1:10 (I can’t remember what I was doing other than working at that time of day);

Moving and must sell many items. Antiques include; Armoire, buffet, secretary, marbletop end table, marbletop corner table, marbletop hall piece, carved walnut pedestal and Louis side chair. Reproduction queen ann desk, chippendale bench, and federal table. Old Pac Mac arcade table, needs repair. Do not want to download all the photos. Please call to set appointment to see if you are interested. Location NW side if Indy between Carmel and Zionsville.

I emailed late last night, figuring some other collector or worse in Indianapolis got to the pac-man cocktail first. Sure enough, it was gone.

Why don’t people research value of classic items?

The emails I get back are always so shocked at how popular some of these arcade items are, like the official, rare “Pac Mac” cocktail:) The ad talks a lot about antiques, like the individual knows something of the value of antiques. I don’t know that arcade machines technically fall into that category just yet, but if you deal with oddities in general, you would think you would know some of the value of these items? The value sometimes is tied directly to finding the right buyer. But, at least go on ebay and do 2 seconds of research…Sheesh. But hey, that is what makes it exciting to find arcade deals on Craigslist for the rest of us.

Like many cities, in Indianapolis the good Craigslist deals are especially hard to come by. So, my question is, those of you guys here in Indy that read my blog, did you call or email on this Craigslist Pac-man cocktail deal? Did anyone get it? Robert, Aaron, Mike, Earl? Or any of the other collectors I know here but I don’t know if they read this blog and want to brag about their deal? Does anyone know who got it? Did the pac-man cocktail even cross your radar or did you miss it like me? I have my guesses, but I want to see if one of you guys got lucky in your timing. Leave a comment.

~ Edit – The seller told me that the Pac-man cocktail went for $150. Not dirt dirt cheap like $50, but still a great steal.

Want to buy a Pac-man / Ms. Pac-man in Indianapolis?

From time to time I have both Ms. Pac-man and Pac-man machines available to buy on my “For Sale” page. If you are local to Indianapolis and are looking for one of those machines, you might try that first.

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