Exidy’s Arcade Warehouse Raid Video

Ever experienced a ‘warehouse’ raid? This is the term arcade game collectors give to the event where you find an old operator’s warehouse full of classic games waiting to be purchased in a bulk buy. This video of Jon Exidy finding a warehouse of games is one of the better ones with so many popular games – Q*Bert, Defender, Star Wars, every popular game is in this warehouse, it is every collector’s dream.

Because there are so many classics in the this warehouse, collectors seem to remember this video of the walk through more predominantly than other videos out there.

Think you’ve got a better one? Submit a link to YouTube. I am sure there is a list existing somewhere, but who knows if that list will get as high in the search engines for collectors searching for ‘warehouse raids’, ‘arcade game warehouses’ or ‘warehouse raid videos’. 😉

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I didn’t see Defender. The only Williams game I saw was Sinistar.

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