Winter Indianapolis USAmusements Auction March 2008

The USAmusements auction had a much better showing for games this March than it appeared to have in January. We had a number of classics, including two Ms. Pac-man’s and a Galaga, but for me the main attractions were a really nice looking Williams Moon Patrol, complete but not working and a Super Pac-man Cocktail. The Moon Patrol had a switcher in back and it looked like it had been hacked up, but I imagine all it needed was a power supply and it would be good to go. Non working, it went for $160. I didn’t stay to see the final bid on the Super Pac-man cocktail, it was in fair shape, bad player one controls and glass underlay was just so-so.

I continued to try out pinballs, trying to find one that I might like to buy. I am mostly interested in the newer pinballs, and there were a few. This auction saw a Twister, a Creature of the Black Lagoon and a Harley Davidson. All three of those were locked without freeplay. I did get to play Last Action Hero, which was just ok, and Dr. Who, which I like a lot. I found the shots fairly challenging, I just don’t connect with the artwork or the subject matter. So, the search continues.

I also got to play Terminator 2 for the first time with Robert, that is an awesome game. I don’t know what reply value would be like, but definitely a ton of fun.

Here is a photo gallery arcade games that were at the auction. (I am trying out the new media gallery feature in WordPress this month. You can view a larger image of the thumbnail by clicking on it with potentially a description, and once you are viewing the arcade game photo at medium size, you can click on that image for the full size. Enjoy.)

Pinballs Not Pictured
If you have photos from the Indianapolis USAmusements auction and would like to send them to me, I would gladly add them to the photo gallery. Here are the pinballs and their final prices, and a thread on RGVAC with descriptions of the conditions.

  • Last Action Hero – $950.00
  • Time Warp – $95.00
  • High Speed – $650.00
  • South Park – $1,400
  • Harley Davidson – $2,000
  • Mario Andretti – $425.00
  • Creature from the Black Lagoon – $2,000
  • Gottleib Cute Ball Wizard – $350.00
  • Twister – $1,050
  • Dr. Who – $950.00
  • Joker Wild – ?
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