Pengo High Score – 347,430

Over the weekend I trashed my newly achieved high score in Sega’s Pengo. My score of 226,610 was the first time I had beaten all 16 levels and started over, and I knew that I could break the top 10 Pengo high scores on Twin Galaxies with a touch higher score at just over 250,000. Little did I know that I would just storm my un-official way up to 6th place all time worldwide with a Pengo score of 347,430.

Pengo High Score Mach 2008

Since that first time I cleared all 16 levels I have done it four more times, and with my new high score of 347,000+ I played to level 40 before I died. I still have my setting at the hardest gameplay, and for a couple of reasons I am still weary about changing it down to the medium difficulty for true Twin Galaxies “tournament” settings.

  • The harder gameplay makes me better – Don’t want to have to step down and lost that edge
  • I’ll lose my High Scores:(
  • I am not going for anything official – yet

In the last week I have been in email contact with Blaine Locklair at Twin Galaxies to find out a little more about the submission guidelines. The high score submissions are fair, but kind of a pain (from turning the game on and off, getting a boot screen, stating name etc.), and right now, I am still small chips on the Pengo high score list. With my current score, I am in a league where the best scores taper off fast with my next closest competitior, Francesco Vasta from Italy, is at 457,400!

Pengo High Scores on Twin Galaxies

In order to be official, I would have to remove my Jrok high score board, and I would prefer not to if at all possible. So for now I won’t worry about high score submissions. If I start to score 800,000 or higher for a couple of games it might be time to think about going for the Pengo world record, but right now I have a way to go. I feel like I can knock off Vasta, and Terry Tanaka at 460,000 and that may be it.

Would you go through the work of submitting a score to Twin Galaxies if you were in the top ten? I want to hear from some other collectors. I am guessing most might say it’s not worth it.

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Granted, I’m not in this high a league just yet, but I don’t know if I would bother with Twin Galaxies unless I was taking the top slot. Though I also have a local bar with Pengo where I’ve been in competition for the high score until somebody blew me away with a 315K outing. Any tips for getting over that level 16 hump?

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You don’t think there is any merit in taking a third or fourth slot for any game? Including Pengo on Twin Galaxies? I could dedicate my life to getting that top score, and organizing and taping all of the games to that point, but seriously what is the payoff? Realistically, I think I could get in the top four, and that is good enough for me, so I think I probably will end up bothering with TG at some point for my Pengo scores.

Let’s see, the Level 16 hump. Does that mean you have gotten to Level 15 in Pengo on the difficulty you have set now? This is the gameplay tip I would give for those who haven’t broken Level 16 yet in Pengo, or are at around Level 14 or so. There are two keys, keeping plenty of correction space between you and the Sno-Bees, which means bricks for them to eat through. At that high level, you have no contest to compete against their speed. If you are in a wide open, de-bricked area, move away from there at all costs.

And, because it is a speed and numbers game, get good at memorizing the flashing blocks. You need to know the unhatched sno-bee eggs in Pengo, and break about 6-8 of them. Decrease their numbers, so the point at when time increases and they start to speed up, you don’t have to kill the whole sno-bee fleet, but only a couple at the highest speed.

Does that help? Or was that stuff you already knew? I like to play the card game “memory”, and that helps me remember where the flashing sno-bee eggs are for breaking them even after their initial one to two flash introduction.

That would be my Pengo arcade game play tips for the higher levels.

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you make a good point…If I were in the top 5 I would probably start to pester them as well…and the rigors of maintaining a life outside of pengo will probably prevent me from getting that high score. Maybe I’ll submit if I crack top ten 🙂

Thanks for the tips Ive actually been kind of doing the opposite and hugging the walls and trying to stun them as they came near me regardless of amount of blocks, I’ll give it a try later.

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