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For now, it appears as if the commenting feature isn’t working on the blog. I have spent a ton of time, more than I care to think about, trying to figure the problem out.

When a comment is attempted, you will get an error page with a message that says “Sorry, comments are closed for this item”. Some of the fixes I have attempted;

  • Validating my pages, fixing validation errors
  • Tested in Safari, IE, Opera and Firefox. IE gives me an error page, no message
  • Checking commenting for the whole site
  • Checked commenting on a per post basis
  • Checked my website error logs and general logs, couldn’t identify any problems
  • Searched WordPress Forums – No posts at this writing about comments broken
  • Searched the Web
  • Upgraded all plugins that needed it, deleted unnecessary plugins
  • Reverted back to the default theme
  • Upgraded testing environment to WordPress 2.5 final, but can’t replicate the problem
  • De-activated any comment type plugins for subscribing, etc.

The only step I see left is to try to deactivate all of my plugins and see if one of them is the cause. I thought that WordPress 2.5 was supposed to have a “re-activate all” function, but apparently I misread that somewhere.

I wish I could get this problem to show up on my testing environment, it would make it easier to isolate the plugins without frogging around live. But at this point, the changes in validation and restructuring of some of my html has been enough work to make me go crazy.

I hope to have this issue fixed in the next day or two. Please remember your comments until then.



~Edit: Comment error in WordPress 2.5 fixed.

Big thanks to Jamie. In my wp-includes/comment-template.php file my code stopped at line 327 with the function comments_popup_link. But in the new WordPress install, that file went to line 768! So, I replaced that whole wp-includes directory again, and my problem appears to be fixed. I may have been able to just overwrite that one comment-template.php file to get rid of the “Sorry, comments closed” error, but I decided to be safe.

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