Cheyenne Sideart Scan Arrives!

Exidy Cheyenne Artwork Thumbnail
On Saturday I got a disk in the mail of the 600DPI scan of the NOS Cheyenne sideart that will be reproduced by This Old Game. There has been a lot of talk about this rare NOS piece of Exidy artwork at the Klov forums and who can make the most accurate reproductions.

This is a gorgeous piece of stylized, illustrated artwork. Right now I am evaluating the art close up, checking out the complexity, and the owner and I will have to work out getting this vectorized. It will take a lot of work just to vectorize it, let alone color separations and bleeds. Plus, who knows how expensive this piece of art will be to reproduce if screens can’t be combined to achieve some of the 8-9 different colors. For those of you who don’t know what Exidy’s Cheyenne artwork looks like I have included a thumbnail image of the file.

Don’t ask me for a copy of the file, I will not give it out to you. This is a private collector’s project and only he can determine distributing of the original artwork scan.

Hope to have more updates on the project moving forward later this week.

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I would put this on my game, very nice piece. Any updates…its an old topic.

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@Chris Moore: I periodically email Brian, on comment on the related threads online, but I don’t hear back. There seems to be enough interest to warrant doing some sort of screen / digital hybrid if that is possible.

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