New (old) White Mr. Do! Mention

Was online talking to g3n3r1c (Klov forums) tonight about reproduction artwork and he mentioned that he used to work for an auction house in Royal Oak called SkyRocket Amusements. Not only did 200+ games come through per week, he said that he saw one of the white Mr. Do!’s.

How cool! At one time one of the white sideart Gleeb Mr. Do!’s was in Michigan. Maybe this Mr. Do! is one of the two that made their way out to California (Mylstar) or Massachusetts (Rob Carroll), who knows. The auction house, owned by his aunt and uncle, closed in 1997-98, so I doubt there is anyway to go back that far in time, and even track final arcade game auction sales and the individual winners. Still cool to me to hear of another sideart Mr. Do!

If you know anything more about the history of SkyRocket Amusements, I would love a comment. EVer buy a game from their auction house? Have any photos from a SkyRocket auction? I’d love to post them here.

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