Pengo Artwork Pantone Colors

Today I took my Pengo bezel to a local print shop and make an attempt at matching the colors. I feel like I am lucky, because my bezel doesn’t look like it has much fading at all. The vibrant colors in Pengo and the Sno Bees were a little easier to match, the blues were a little more difficult.
These are the pantone colors I ended up with from the pantone coated palette book.

Pengo characters & Artwork

  • (Red) – Used: Pengo, Sno Bees
  • (Purple) – Used: Pengo Bow, Sno Bees
  • (Yellow) – Used: Pengo Beak / Arms & Legs, Sno Bees
  • (Dark Blue) – Used: Ice mountain shadows, river outlines, base of bezel
  • (Grey Blue) – Used: Surrounding area above ice mountains
  • (Light Blue) – Used: Ice mountain color, ice edge at bottom of bezel
  • (Blue, touch of green) – Used: Ice river color, ice edge at bottom of bezel

I had the hardest time matching the dark blue pantone color used in the ice mountains, some trouble with the yellow used in Pengo and the Sno Bees, as well as the slight turquoise blue that is used in the river color.

Can anyone help me color match Pengo artwork?

Is there any chance I might be lucky enough to hook up with another collector who is good at color matching and who owns a Sega Pengo? I doubt it, but I can hope. If you can help, leave a comment. or use my contact page and shoot me a message.

I will probably end up sending This Old Game my bezel as a sample so he can check my color matching work. He’ll know right off the bat what some of the colors are, especially the blues I would guess. He may also know if they combined some of the blue screens to achieve a different saturation.

~Edit 9:50 I removed the Pantone colors for Pengo. This post was online for about six hours with the codes. If you need them, you can contact me offline and I can give those colors to you.

On the note of purple, This Old Game said that more than likely a combination of the blue and red screens will achieve the purple.

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