Pengo Sideart Color Separations

I was in the mood, and I had some time, so last night I did the color separations and bleeds for the Pengo sideart. Here are some smaller images so you can see how the different color breakdown – Red, Purple, Yellow, Light Blue, Dark Blue and Blue Outlines. I left the outline turned on for most of the color separation layers so you could tell what the Pengo shapes were, otherwise, it would look like a pretty spectacularly blobby image.

Pengo Sideart Blue OutlinePengo Sideart Red SeparationPengo Sideart Purple SeparationPengo Sideart Blue SeparationPengo Sideart Light Blue SeparationPengo Sideart Dark Blue Separation

Pengo Sideart Separations Illustrator ScreenI added different sized bleeds depending on the fine detail of the artwork. In some places it could be a quarter of an inch, and in other places the bleed might only be a sixteenth or thirty-second. I have the original vector file and a separated vector file in case the bleeds are wrong and I need to go back. This is the first vector file where I have completed separations. It’s not difficult in execution in Illustrator, but I am sure there will be fine details I will still have to pick up for future jobs and reproduction efficiency.

I know Rich and I have probably talked about the concepts of how the gradient on the Pengo lettering from red to blue would be printed, but without having seen some of this stuff in person, it doesn’t seem to sink in for me. So, at the moment I am not if I do a version in red, and a version in blue on the respectively separation layers or what.

What’s left before reproducing Pengo Sideart?

Because I was to cover all bases, I will be trying to get with a friend who has a large format printer used in drafting that I can print out a full size version of the Pengo sideart to compare to the actual arcade cabinet.

Other than that, the Pengo sideart is done and ready to be printed. The only thing left is for someone to finance having the sideart printed. I’m not talking about me collecting aggregate payments from collectors for the total sum needed, instead someone either putting up the funds entirely themselves, or someone else coordinating taking funds from multiple people. So if you want to see the Pengo sideart printed and you think this is you please drop me a line.

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Looks good…hopefully I’ll have a Pengo to put this stuff on some day. 🙂

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I really liked making these separations, it was cool to see the different shapes and pieces of the Pengo artwork.

It seems like buying a Pengo is the cool thing to do lately, at least around Indiana. The fad will probably move to your neck of the woods soon and many many Pengo machines will start popping up for sale.

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Looks good. Let me know if you run into problems getting your comparison print printed out. I have access to a 42″ HP printer and would be more than willing to help if needed.

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Thanks for the offer on the large format printer. If I can’t do it at his work, I may contact you, but it would be nice to be able to do it local and I am sure I could pump my network for someone who could print me a Pengo sideart copy;)

Cool that you switched over to WordPress, and good choice. I didn’t recognize the web address, so I had to visit to figure it out. I changed your link to reflect the new domain.You are now in a growing number of collectors with WordPress blogs.

I do hope you change your theme;0 though, otherwise you are going to force me to customize mine more so my Rotheblog brand is still unique.

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Still searching for the right theme. Premium is the best I’ve seen so far, but I’me still looking. You should be safe. 🙂

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Looking B-A-UITFUL! Jeff
Ill send some halfotne samples your way to get a better first hand look at before and after results.
Are these solid consistant halftones or more of a gradient?
For Example: do the dots stay the same distance apart throughout the printed area??

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I will look when I get back home and post an update to this comment on that Pengo lettering. I I actually think there is just a red to blue gradient in the Pengo lettering and the halftone pattern is in the background where it fades from blue to white on the ice mountains.

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Here are some photos of the Pengo background and the lettering. Both have halftone patterns, and the dots are not uniform. So, double whammy, red to blue gradient on the lettering with half tone dots.

Pengo Background Half Tone DotsPengo Lettering Half Tone Dots

What does this mean Rich? What next? Both of those can be replication in the rip process? You will need a sample of the artwork to match the dot pattern like you needed on the half tone pattern on the Omega Race sideart?

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If i’m not mistaken, the way to proceed here would be for rich to print a film positive and do the old fashioned letraset cut to fit halftones on the respective colors right? rich? bueller?

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Rich is going to send me some printed post script half tone swatch samples that I can try to do some matching on. I don’t know when, but you know I’ll post any updates when I get them for the Pengo stuff:)

He said he was going to run some ideas by you in your knowledge color halftones, actually.

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good article conghratulations for you

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