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“Homebrew developer, appreciate idea, feel bad for commenting. Super Mario Brothers 4? Why not call it some other different Mario game?”

This is because I didn’t know how to use game maker to make a game similar to the first 3 games (a platformer). Since then, I have figured out how to make a successful platformer. I would change Super Mario Bros. 4, but I’ve worked so hard on it lately that I think I should leave well enough alone. I considered changing the name, but what would I change it to. I considered “Mario’s Adventure,” but I’m pretty sure that name has been used before. I decided to include an explanation in the newest version of the game. Here’s a short summary of the STORY screen that appears in version 10.1 (only that version):

Mario and Princess Peach are walking around the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario sees a mysterious looking pipe. He and the princess jump in. They found themselves in another dimension (explains the difference) Then bowser captures the princess and Mario has to save her… again! Big surprise!

I hope that clears things up.

-Joshua Vega, the creator of Super Mario Bros. 4

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Wow, I wrote a short Twitter on your Mario Game about a month ago already….and cool to note that it has changed so much. I appreciate and applaud your effort to bring new games to the Mario line, and it looks like we were both in agreement that the chosen title wasn’t as indicative as it should have been. But I think it might be worthwhile to talk a little bit more about your transformation to a ‘platformer’ game, because others might be interested in making one themselves.

I would love to feature an article about programming your own arcade games on Rotheblog, if you would be interested in giving me some information. It could help publicize your new Mario adventure.

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Sounds good! Send me your email address (mine is rec_games@sbcglobal.net) and I’ll write some information about a platformer game I created (not released to the public, but it might be one day), My first video game (smb4), and my first experience with Game Maker (i had absolutely no idea how to use it at first!!!). Here’s an interesting fact: in the newest versions of SMB4, some of the songs heard were played by me on my keyboard (title theme and game over song, and in the newest versions, the winning music)!

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UPDATE: SUPER MARIO BROS. 5 IS BEING CREATED. THIS GAME FEATURES SIDE-SCROLLING GOOMBA-STOMPING ACTION, like the original games. A video of the prototype will be posted on youtube and the link will be posted as a comment.

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@Rec Games:

I appreciate some of the interesting things you’ve added to your version of Mario, new power ups, the obvious new level layouts, new sounds incorporating some more iconic Mario sayings…

Knowing that this video is a prototype I know it can be frustrating for people to make comments on how the game looks. But the video runs really slow for me, and I think that is detrimental to showing off Mario 5 as you call it. It’s hard to picture the game without smooth screen movement.

I downloaded and tried the latest version of Mario 4 today. I get a better idea now of the history of the game. It’s still the top view, and you’ve made 11 versions of it to date. 5 is like the original….I will write a review if and when you are ready.

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The game runs smooth and hasn’t had too many problems. The game LOOKS slow due to the computer i use being REALLY slow when a screen capture program (CAMSTUDIO) is running at the same time as the game.

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—-===*An Update on Super Mario Bros. 5*===—-

Super Mario Bros. 5 has 2 worlds (4 levels each and a bonus level), and it’s easily playable to the normal Mario Gamer (it’s even joystick compatible). New features have been added, such as…


A recorded MP3 of the original Mario song plays in the background instead of a MIDI. So far I’ve got these songs ripped:
Super Mario Bros. (NES) Overworld*
Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES) Overworld
Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES) Overworld
Super Mario World (SNES) Overworld*
Super Mario Land (GB) Overworld*
New Super Mario Bros. SKY LEVELS and BOWSER’S CASTLE (NDS)*
Super Mario Galaxy Gusty Galaxy (WII)

*I ripped these myself off of original hardware (GB and DS) or an emulator (NES and SNES).

Are you a Luigi fan? If so, now you can play as Luigi! The sprites and dialogue are changed for “Luigi Mode.”


If you have a PC joystick or game controller, you’re in luck, because Super Mario Bros. 5 is JOYSTICK COMPATIBLE

Hope you enjoy hearing about my game (which is still unreleased).


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@Rec Games:

Thanks for the update Josh.

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I don’t think I ever responded to this comment;

The game LOOKS slow due to the computer i use being REALLY slow when a screen capture program (CAMSTUDIO) is running at the same time as the game.

All I was saying was that a. If it was a prototype, then running slow would be ok. b. I figured it wasn’t the prototype, only the screen software you were using to make it appear this way (which you commented it was) But I would think that you would rather have no video, than showing a video that was made slow by Camstudio because it would seem detrimental to showing off your product.

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