Arcade Links for 2008-04-22

  • Got ‘The Glob’ hi-res marquee photos. Logo vectorized & included arcade artwork page. I love logo, but it’s huge.
    http://snipr.com/259up #
  • Cheap and free arcade parts and arcade cabinets in Toledo, OH – http://snipr.com/25agp #
  • Cute Mario Brothers Birthday Cake for arcade collector –
    http://snipr.com/25ajm #
  • Other than the fact that this is a big ugly beat of a Mame cabinet, the Harley Davidson theme was well executed –
    http://snipr.com/25aqb #
  • Cool Pac-man designed t-shirt. I want one, better use of design elements & space on shirt – http://snipr.com/25arn #
  • New, in the right sidebar at Rotheblog.com, join the Facebook collecting classic arcade games logo and link to signup. #
  • Same thing – Diigo Social Bookmarking network. Click the logo to check out and possibly join the Class Arcade Game bookmarks resource group. #
  • Cube Quest? Never heard of it. When Joe Magiera posts needing manual, offer $125, you know it’s a rare game. – http://snipr.com/2550h #
  • Good Bulk Arcade Buy in Dallas? Defender, Joust, Tron plus 10 other games for $2000. Just over $100 each –
    http://snipr.com/2551m #
  • New post – Arcade Game WordPress Theme – Donkey Kong – Looking for initial round of feedback. –
    http://snipr.com/255wm #
  • I hestitate to Twitter this. Great deal locally Craigslist Martinsville. Donkey Kong, Battlezone & others. $400 for 5 games, great deal! #
  • Arcade Games Craigslist Martinsville, IN Link –
    http://snipr.com/256hf #
  • Since Dark Knight Returns 2, I’ve known Frank Miller is a quack riding old success. Wil Eisner’s The Spirit movie teaser trailer online. #
  • Spirit Teaser Trailer looks…strange. Uses Sin City feel. Eh, not so much – http://snipr.com/2534l #
  • Fun Spot’s Gary Vincent & brother pickup true classic arcade games, Sky Battle, Wild Cycle, Buck Rodgers. Cool looking, sure gameplay sucks. #
  • Fun Spot Classic Arcade Game Roadtrip Link –
    http://snipr.com/2538d #
  • Space Invaders Deluxe – Detroit Craigslist – $75. Decent Cabinet – Decent deal if looking to keep it – http://snipr.com/2538t #
  • New Authentic The Dark Knight Batman movie photos leaked? Or are they great photoshopped works of art? – http://snipr.com/24y5u #
  • Wil Eisner The Spirit Movie Poster Debuts –
    http://snipr.com/24zg6 #
  • More G.I. Joe Movie photos. Most of them are trying too hard like the director has Bizarro Bryan Singer brain – http://snipr.com/24zg9 #
  • Food Fight for sale in New York – Queens, could be a good deal for someone looking for this rare Atari game. – http://snipr.com/24zy0 #
  • Chris Moore is cleaning house. If you’re local to Chicago, get some good arcade parts for great deals. – http://snipr.com/24ubh #
  • CraigslistPulse.com – Email new arcade postings in time increments. Check email vs. Craigslist contstantly – Self Moderated RSS still best. #
  • Arcade Renovations Pac-Man stencils for sale. Might want to jump on this, rare set of stencils –
    http://snipr.com/24wxl #
  • Awesome thread BYOAC – European Classic arcade games, & all of the cool cabinet artwork, Pheonix, Galaxian, etc – http://snipr.com/24wxp #
  • Testing Arcade PCB’s – test station – One person’s solution – http://snipr.com/24wy3 #
  • Gremlin Solutions – Another option for custom artwork vs. Mame marquees. Be careful. Artwork may be from Local Arcade, usually inaccurate. #
  • Gremlin Solutions Custom Printed Arcade Artwork Link –
    http://snipr.com/24×02 #
  • Burger Invaders & Burger Time Flash Arcade Games Hardee’s Version online at Hardee’s homepage – http://snipr.com/24xji #
  • Decent deal on Galaga Craigslist Detroit – $425 – Working – http://snipr.com/24oly #
  • Free Driving Game Arcade Cabinets on Detroit Craigslist – http://snipr.com/24opa – 33123 Gratiot Clinton Twp MI 48035 #
  • What do G.I. Joe fans think of photos Scarlett from upcoming movie? – http://snipr.com/24opi – Drop me a message. #
  • Warlords $200 Seattle Craigslist – http://snipr.com/24opp – Duane – (425)374-8733 #
  • Jon Favreau Iron Man Set Visit – As a director, I get the impression he’s more along for ride than visionary. – http://snipr.com/24q55 #
  • Vintage Computers Forum ‘Marketplace’. Looks like was designed on a Commodore. Seriously? Couldn’t structure links any better than that? #
  • Vintage Computers Marketplace Link – The man hates "the fold":) – http://snipr.com/24qyv #
  • Transformers Video On You Tube – Gobots Suck – Probably Old, but Hilarious – http://snipr.com/24r8o – Wish it was an online series. #
  • Potentially great deal on Super Pac-man cocktail game Craigslist Detroit Best Offer – http://snipr.com/24kki #
  • Slew of new Iron Man movie clips – Some repeats – Watch the movie before it opens 😉 -http://snipr.com/24llm #
  • My twitter Rotheblog homepage customization is finished…for now. – http://twitter.com/rotheblog #
  • Homestar Runner Strong Bad Video Game Trailers at Game Trailers.com – http://snipr.com/24lrv #
  • Jrok (creater of many arcade high score save kits) review of OKI PS-800E soldering station for arcade pcb work – http://snipr.com/24h7l #
  • Mark Spaeth’s Warlords High Score Save Kits ready for purchase – $50 shipped – http://snipr.com/24h8e #
  • Original "Conquering Video Games" artwork – Seperations and prints, a neat photo set on Flickr – http://snipr.com/24h9m #
  • Mario Brothers Kentucky Craigslist $300 no sideart – better price original $450 Closer to market value –
    http://snipr.com/24hh8 #
  • This is the worst Star Wars cockpit conversion I have ever seen, if the only one I’ve seen – http://snipr.com/24hhr #
  • Denver Colorado Arcade Game Warehouse Raid in 2005 – Hadn’t seen these photos before – Pretty awesome so recent – http://snipr.com/24hwq #
  • Not familiar with term "blueing" – Great tutorial refinishing rusty arcade game bolts at Brian Jones website – http://snipr.com/24i5i #
  • Engadget post 2006 – Arcade PCB to console game. Not something collectors would do, but concepts are useful. –
    http://snipr.com/24ix5 #
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