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Ms. Pac-man overlays, bezels and Two-Bits – Oh My!

As I waited for one set of photos of a reproduction version of the Ms. Pac-man marquee, and another set of photos for my future artwork comparison of the Two-Bits Ms. Pac-man bezel I decided I would do a little research. I am a relatively new collector, and I figured I could always educate myself more on the history of the Ms. Pac-man artwork and Two-Bits in general. (more…)

Two Bits Ms. Pac-man Bezels

After the great response to the post about the terrible reproduction quality of the Two Bits Ms. Pac-man control panel overlays, I am now hoping to do something similar for the Ms. Pac-man bezel. (more…)

Mr. Do! Conversion Control Panel Artwork

I saw an eBay auction a week back or so for a Mr. Do! conversion that had some conversion artwork on the control panel that I hadn’t seen before. I thought it was worth posting here at the very least to see if someone else has seen this control panel overlay artwork and has any information about it. (more…)

Two Bits Ms. Pac-man Control Panel Overlay Artwork Inaccurate

Everyone should know that when you buy artwork for your Pac-man / Ms. Pac-man from Two-Bits you are buying crap. But I still see questions, comments and discussion on arcade game forums from new collectors who aren’t sure if they should buy a bezel, control panel overlay, or the vinyl Ms. Pac-man sticker artwork or not to restore their own machines.

I’m here to show you why you shouldn’t buy the control panel overlay. You’ll be shocked at the terrible inaccuracy of the Ms. Pac-man artwork from Two-Bits. Oh yeah, and I have a scan of the Ms. Pac-man control panel overlay for you if you are interested in downloading it to vectorize and print yourself. (more…)

Stencil Ms. Pac-man Cabinet – Part 1

There have been plenty of great tutorials written by other arcade collectors on the topic of re-stenciling artwork on arcade game cabinets. This article series will incorporate those tips and tricks and specifically apply them to stenciling and restoring a Ms. Pac-man arcade game. Wundercade was one of the select few who got a set of the Ms. Pac-man stencils from Joymonkey, and he is going to walk us through his Ms. Pac-man re-painting and stenciling process from start to finish. Hopefully this will be helpful information to the general public since Ms. Pac-man is one of the widest known arcade games around. (more…)

NOS arcade artwork photos added

I snagged some of the photos from QuarterArcade.com’s auctions for the warehouse arcade game artwork auctions on eBaby and added them to the NOS artwork gallery. If you don’t plan on bidding, but just want to see more images of the newly uncovered and unrolled cabinet artwork, check out that gallery again.

Cinematronics Rip Off Sideart NOS


Value of NOS Mappy and Food Fight bezels

There have been a couple of auctions on eBay over the past two weeks that have gotten arcade game collectors attention. There were of course the two different classic Atari Computer Space games that both went for over $10,000, and there were also the NOS (new old stock) Bally Mappy and Atari Food Fight bezels that were found in an old operator’s warehouse in California. The final price of the Mappy bezel was $271.55 ($255+$16.55 shipping), and the Atari Food Fight was $277.05 ($260.55+$16.55 Shipping)! Wow! How can one brand new, mint condition piece of any arcade game bring so much coin? Well, let’s look at it a little bit.

Brand New Food Fight Bezel 4