Atari Football Sideart Reproductions

Look what I got in the mail today! A carefully removed piece of Atari Football sideart artwork.

Atari Football cocktail sideart

Not a lot to say just yet, other than to announce that I will be vectorizing this piece of Atari Football artwork to hopefully be reproduced in the near future. Phoenix Arcade did the control panels overlays, but I think that is it for artwork for this classic game. Next step, scan the football artwork. Who knows, you’ll probably see a tutorial on ‘scanning peeled off arcade cabinet artwork with no straight sides’ LOL

Seriously though, even though there are some small tears in the sideart vinyl, I will be able to correct all of the problems when I vectorize the sideart. However, there are a few areas that have streaked smudging that will be difficult to interpret the original printed lines. I may need some help. Will anyone be able to help me with small detail photos from their own Atari Football arcade machine?

How many people out there are interested in buying a set of Atari Football sideart to restore their cocktail machines?

~Update – Differences in Atari Football XO Control Panel Overlays

I did not realize there are two different control panel overlays for Atari Football, but a recent topic on Klov clearly shows that there are. This Old Game will be doing the overlay with the more in depth football artwork, an overlay that is indeed different than the one done at Phoenix Arcade.

Photo clearly showing the two different control panel artwork sets for Atari Football

Atari Football Overlays Differences

Phoenix Arcade control panel overlay

Phoenix Atari Football XO overlays

Scan of the original version of the Atari Football XO control panel overlay

Atari Football XO Original Artwork

When Darin was gauging interest on the Atari Football control panel overlays back in 2006, he took a vote on which one people wanted. The full artwork overlay was more original, but the lesser football artwork cpo won out. Now, those collectors that picked the cooler overlay will have a chance to own a copy.

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There’s a thread on KLOV right now where someone indicates that they are working on silkscreened CPO’s, bezel and artwork for Atari football. The thread is:


Are you working on the vectorized version for them, do you know if they have already done the vector file, or is this an “independent” project?


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@Jeff’s Arcade:

I was not aware someone was working on Atari Football XO artwork. I’ll have to check into why another collector would be working on control panel overlay reproductions if Phoenix Arcade has them for sale.

This topic thread doesn’t work for me, even without the additional database calls for page specific information after the topic number removed.

Catch me on messenger, or maybe give me the title of the topic about the Atari Football artwork so I can check it out.

Thanks for the heads up.

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@Jeff Rothe:

Apparently they are working on a different version of the CPO. There’s a picture in the thread showing some cabinets with the two different overlays. The thread is in Repair/Help, and as I type this is on the first page about 3 up from the bottom. I’m headed out of the office right now for a bit, I’ll shoot you the link via e-mail.

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This topic that is covering the Football repro artwork is all about the same job that I mentioned on this post on Rotheblog.

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That’s what I thought….just wanted to check.

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