Atari Football XO Artwork Update

I spent my weekend scanning and vectorizing the Atari Football artwork, among other things. Here are some images of the composite Football player scan and a screen showing the artwork traced to date.

Atari Football Artwork Scan

It was a frustrating weekend. Between my wife needing the computer for most of the weekend for a final project, to the wireless on my laptop dying and needing to be backed up and inevitably sent off to HP for two plus weeks, to a snag in this Atari Football project I have felt some guilt not being able to post over the weekend.

Atari Football Artwork Progress 1

Here is a screen of the paths, and some of the color fills. The cleats are drawn, but are in white and filled, so you can’t see them.

As I had mentioned in the original post about receiving the Atari Football sideart, pieces of the artwork were marred. There were large scuff smears going across portions of the legs, torso and arms of the football player that made it impossible to draw. I have some additional photos from the other side to help me recreate pieces from the scan. However, parts of the sideart on the other side are behind the coin door. The photos helped me with most of the artwork so now I am only missing a few snippets of a good side of sideart to help me put everything back together.

Here are a couple artwork details to give you an idea;

A detail of the football player’s hand;

Atari Football Scan Detail 1

A detail of the foot and spike.

Atari Football Scan Detail 2

I wouldn’t even think of guessing how the artwork in these areas that have been scuffed should look. I got the detail for the foot taken care of, but I still need a good, straight on photo of the hand, or even better yet, if you have a scanner and have this Atari game and are willing to take a scan that would be an amazing help.

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I’m sure it’s really interesting seeing the styles of the different eras in the artwork while your working on them. Can’t say I care for the whole ’70s hippie/drug inspired swirl after the player. That’s got to give you a headache after a while staring at it so long while vectorizing it. I think I prefer the bold bright colors of the ’80s look, although the Mr. Do! art above the screen in the cab to the right is pretty strange.

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Lookin good Jeff
So is it the same piece of art for both sides?
no flipping?

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I dropped Troy a line about this. He has a NOB, (new out of the box) XO football. Maybe he can take a pic or provide a scan. It is an amazing looking game new.

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Always appreciate the help and your support. I actually got a nice outpouring of photos for the Football sideart, so that says to me that either people are more willing to help me out now, or there might just be a nice interest to see this sideart reproduced. I didn’t see anything from Troy (Akey?) come through the pipe, Hell I’d be interested to see photos of it just for pleasure just knowing it is a never previously used Atari XO. I would even do an article on it if there was a story with some insights that weren’t posted on the arcade game forums.

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I haven’t actually checked yet to see if the Atari XO Football artwork is the same on both sides, meaning, the football is faced opposite ways. I will check with Chris on that right now.

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