QuarterArcade.com buys warehouse full of pinball and arcade games

Anthony Pietrak of QuarterArcade.com just completed a bulk buy from a newly discovered warehouse of classic arcade games. This photo is a teaser of what lies within, nearly 100 games in all, the largest buy he has ever made.

Laser Disc Games - Dragon's Lair, Space Ace & more.

Anthony doesn’t have a comprehensive list just yet, but there are a good number of classic arcades, some NOS artwork, some pinballs, a ton of parts and other good stuff. Anthony will be swamped cataloging, taking photos and listing these games, so the idea is that Rotheblog will slowly spotlight games, parts and artwork as they are ready to be listed on QuarterArcade.com. All of the games will be for sale, at prices to be determined after condition is evaluated.

But trust me, this isn’t going to be like past QuarterArcade.com warehouse buys or bulk sales where the games stay on location and are sold on the cheap. What does that say about this warehouse find? There is quite a density of original arcade classics in this lot and that they are in good condition. We can’t see bottoms of the cabinets from the photo but I am going to make an assumption that, although the new owner used the word ‘neglected’ when describing this warehouse, the space is still usable and the climate may not have destroyed the cabinets.

The breakdown of the games goes like this – 45 arcade / video games, 25 pinballs, 6 jukeboxes and a few mechanical games from the 1950’s through 1990. Wow! The potentially new hobbyists might be asking, “How do collectors or arcade vendors come across bulk deals like this?” Being well known through the community and being connected, having a great online presence (Quarter Arcade.com and GGDB.com) and throw in some local advertising on the East Coast as well I’m sure and you have a recipe for great tales. In this case, it was an email out of the blue, with a story that most collectors assume can’t still be possible today. Most think, there aren’t any warehouse caches left! Think again, maybe not many, but they do exist.

How many arcades / pinballs are there?

An individual buys a warehouse and there are 100 games inside, what does he do? The games as a bulk sale are worth up to 100-200 a piece, which totals around 10-20 grand, and the building depending on location is worth 500,000 to 1 million dollars. The individual ditches the games as fast as he can for whatever he can get for them. The original operator had some interesting taste in what games to put on location seeing as the tip of the iceburg shows four laser disc games, Thayer’s Quest, Dragon’s Lair and two artwork versions of Space Ace.

I know everyone reading this will be foaming at the mouth for more. Hopefully we’ll be able to deliver.

Quarter Arcade Logo

Anthony Pietrak of QuarterArcade.com is a well known collector, and vendor of arcade games for the casual gamer at home. Interesting in purchasing the arcade games / parts listed here today? Your best bet is to check the new arcade arrivals section or call Anthony directly at (610) 287-3260 (PA).

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I figured it was only a matter of time before he got that, congrats Anth….I’ll wait for the inventory list!!

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So, how did you already know about this stash of 100 games? Do you talk with Anthony via email or phone on a regular basis? Did you have a chance to buy the games as a lot, but it was just too many to handle?

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That BASTARD! 😉 Man… that’s an awesome buy. I can’t imagine having that many games to go through. Those 4 all together in that pic are making me jealous. Must…have…more…games. 🙂

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I think about the 3-4 arcade games I have that need work…granted I have a full time job, but then I think about 100 games, testing, cleaning and listing them! What a ton of work! But a ton of fun, I would be so pumped to acquire such a warehouse of arcade games. Who knows, I figure that a lot of collectors who read this post contacted Anthony directly. Maybe if he has photos and if you make his life simple by not having to do testing….and you’re close by, he’d cut you a deal on a smaller lot???

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I seriously probably wouldn’t consider buying any bulk game lots right now…even small ones – unless they were so cheap I couldn’t pass them up…but the thought of that many games is pretty cool.

Hopefully when I move my living room upstairs and turn the entire downstairs into an arcade, I’ll have more room in the garage and can fill it up again. 🙂

I have 7 project video games, and 2 project pins which should keep me busy for awhile. If I hit powerball, I’d quit my job, buy a new house, and build a gigantic arcade so I could fit a couple hundred or so in there. 🙂 I’d also park a Delorean right in the middle of the game room.

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Just now making an effort to respond to all outstanding comments…

Time flies huh? You have been buckled down for quite some time now improving your e-commerce software Squirrel Cart. Do you even have your sights set on a time when you will be able to start working on arcade game projects again?

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I’ve been wanting to work on games more and more lately. I’m getting withdrawals I guess. I’m starting to get sick of working every weekend.

I may be picking this up this weekend if I end up sniping it:

I really shouldn’t spend the money but I’ve been wanting one for awhile. I have a new CPO and marquee overlay for it that I got a good deal on awhile back.

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To kind of wrap up this little tanget….for anyone wanting to see Jamie’s progress on his newly sniped Crystal Castles, check out his progress at Noiselandarcade.net


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