QuarterArcade.com Warehouse Buy Update – Pinball Photos

Last week Rotheblog was lucky enough to break the news about QuarterArcade.com’s Warehouse find in PA filled with 100 plus arcade games and pinball machines. Today I’ve got an update showing the inside of the warehouse with 12 photos of the pinball machines. I need some help identifying them, so please, leave a comment.

Schwenksville, PA Pinball Machines

I predicted that Anthony bought up this lot of games with the intention of fixing up and selling every last one of them, but I was wrong about the pinballs. Just like past bulk game buys, he offered up the warehouse pins first for sale to RGP and to other wholesalers to buy on location, saving a lot of space, time and probably some money. If you click on the photo below you’ll enter the photo gallery (only 6 photos). I was able to identify some of the more obvious pieces, but I need your help. Please leave a comment and help me identify all of the pinballs in the photos for the ones that I am missing or have incorrect. (Please forgive me that I don’t know my pinballs as well as I should.)

Warehouse Pinballs - Gottlieb The Spirit

As I was referencing the different machines on the Pinball Database, I realized what a diverse set of machines were in this warehouse. Some rare pinballs dating back as early as the 40’s with few photos on IPBD (Big Chief) to Gottlieb The Spirit, a high in demand machine – just over 1000 units ever made, to Dirty Harry which I believe was probably the most recent pinball of the bunch being released in 1995. So, these games have only been sitting around for 10 years. I thought in my original warehouse post that these arcade games would have been at least 15-20 years based on the limited information about the density of the classics there-in.

Some of the pinball machines did get a little wet, but the frequency was low so let’s hope that the arcades that got wet are also few and far between. These photos show a sneak peak of some of those 65+ arcade games. Here are the ones I spotted, did I miss any?

  • Atari Asteroids
  • Star Trek Cockpit
  • Ms. Pac-man Cabaret
  • Cocktail – Unknown, please help me identify

The list of pinballs for sale

Not to repeat too much information, here is the list of nearly 40 pinball machines from the warehouse in Schwenksville, PA.

Update: Most of these pinballs are now sold whether they are marked as such below or not. If you are interested in a particular machine, leave a comment here instead of emailing Anthony and overloading him with requests. He can check your comments and get in touch with you if the machine is still for sale.

Update September 6th, 2008
All of these pinball machines are sold. Contact QuarterArcade.com directly if you are looking for any game in particular.

  • Big Chief (Bally, 1940), $900
  • Black Hole, $650
  • Black Knight, $900 (nice backglass)
  • Black Knight, SOLD
  • Buccaneer $450
  • Comet, $350 (got wet, may be a parts machine, not awful, but some
  • Cyclone, SOLD
  • Dirty Harry, $1,000
  • Drop A Card, $500
  • Eight Ball, SOLD
  • Eight Ball Deluxe, SOLD
  • Elivira, SOLD
  • Fashion Show, $400
  • Fire Power, $350
  • Fire Power, $350
  • Fire!, $800
  • Getaway, $1,000
  • Gilligan’s Island,$1,000
  • Gold Wings, $300
  • Harley Davidson, $1,200
  • High Speed, SOLD
  • Hollywood Heat, $250
  • Pinbot, $600 – missing main board
  • Playboy (Bally), SOLD
  • Playboy (Bally), SOLD
  • Playboy (Data East), SOLD
  • Silverball Mania, SOLD
  • Southern Belle, $800
  • Star Trek (original), $400
  • Star Trek (original), $200 (parts machine? backglass flaking badly, cabinet rough, but playfield nice)
  • Strange Science, $300 (got wet, cabinet is puffy)
  • Taxi, SOLD
  • Xenon, $600
  • Cross Town – Best Offer
  • Earthshaker – SOLD
  • Lovely Lucy – Best Offer
  • Mystic Marvel – Best Offer
  • Spirit – SOLD

In listed prices, this is over $21,000 in pinball game sales. That’s if Anthony got list price, and that isn’t including the games without a price including the Gottlieb Spirit which could have gone for as much as $5,000. I would guess that revenue could have covered the total cost of the buy with the pinball machines alone, let alone the arcade games still left to sell!

Stay tuned to Rotheblog.com for more updates on QuarterArcade.com’s warehouse bulk arcade game buy.

Quarter Arcade Logo

Anthony Pietrak of QuarterArcade.com is a well known collector, and vendor of arcade games for the casual gamer at home. Interesting in purchasing the arcade games / parts listed here today? Your best bet is to check the new arcade arrivals section or call Anthony directly at (610) 287-3260 (PA).

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would like to know if the two star trek games are still for sale one for pars 200 and one for 400 please let me know

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@Ken Jackson:

I don’t know what ‘pars’ means, and I don’t know if the two Star Trek games from the QuarterArcade.com warehouse raid are still up for sale or not. You will need to contact Anthony through his website to ask him about that.


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Interested in the Gold Wings if that is still available..


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I am interested in Lovely Lucy if she is still for sale.

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I am interested in the fire power pinball

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I’m sure its sold, but im interested in the lovely lucy machine if its for sale still.

Thanks, Jesse jsaniuks@hotmail.com

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I’m interested in the Strange Science machine. Is it still for sale?


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Damn….I wanted that Spirit!!!!!!

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Pretty sure that Spirit was the first, if not one of the first pinballs that Anthony sold. Ton of demand. Check back on this site to see other exclusives and get your chance next time.

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am interested in a big chief pinball machine.In working order if possible

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