New Arcade Keychains Designs

Brian finished some new arcade keychain designs, adding them to the existing Dig Dug, Zookeeper and Centipede. In the previous post I mentioned the Centipede keychain, but now we actually get to see photos as well as the new Joust and Robotron keychains. These photos are gorgeous, and I love the presentation in the custom packaging.

All arcade keychainsCentipede, Joust and Robotron Keychains

Remember, only 5-6 of each arcade design. Don’t wait to order one of your favorite arcade games in custom etched aluminum. At only $12.99 these are a steal. Based on the great initial reaction, there will be some more cabinet designs added to the line. Rumor is that we could see some Bally Midway shapes…Tron maybe? Even the traditional Midway. Or maybe, just maybe, a Jr. Pac-man / Mappy, one set of sideart on each side! Who knows 😉

Bally Jr. Pac-man Mappy Cabinet Silhouette
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That packaging looks pretty cool. I just ordered a Centipede.

@Brian (if he’s reading) – if I go get my ears pierced, maybe you can make me a tiny set of Moon Patrol earrings? 😉

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Lol.. not sure i’m up for jewelry 🙂 This has been one of those ‘just for fun’ projects that i’ve had a ball doing. This is the first time i’ve fabricated something metal from start to finish like this.. all the way from line art design to the laser cut foam inserts in the package. When I started on these a few months ago I had no idea how much time, research and experimentation was really involved.

In the end I hope with what i’ve learned by doing these keychains I now have the knowledge and experience to attack things like reproduction Taito joysticks and things along those lines. Seems simple but understanding the manufacturing processes is critical IMHO.

I’ll be doing a handful more cabinet shapes in the coming weeks/months and hopefully some of the other things in the vacuum of space (aka my head) 🙂 It’s awesome of Jeff to take the time to blog this as my writing style is… umm.. well..


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Must be fun playing with that equipment. 🙂

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ordered a centipede.

Brian do you plan on making Xevious ones.

also I would like to know if you’ll accept specific orders for some custom keychain ?

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where does one order these…?!

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You’ll want to email Brian Jones and inquire about buying a keychain, visit his Game Stencils website


Or you can email him directly at his hotmail account;


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I thought I had an outstanding comment on this topic.

Looks like Zorg had asked if custom keychains could be ordered. I assume he meant, can custom keychain artwork on the already developed keychain size be ordered. I didn’t see Brian post back, and this has been six months now. Things change.

Brian is dealing with some personal struggles of his own, I doubt that he will be doing more keychains until Jan. 2009. I hope he does do more, I know I would still love to have a Mappy / Jr. Pac-man combo one made.

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