Interesting Arcade Links – 2008-05-04

  • First partial image Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face The Dark Knight Returns. Screen captures from brand new trailer – http://snipr.com/274w8 #
  • Ms. Pac-man in Pac-man cabaret arcade game on Lansing Craigslist – $350. Decent deal. Works –
    http://snipr.com/275eh #
  • $200 Moon Patrol – $100 Dr. Mario arcade games for sale in Georgia – Good deals, may already be taken…
    http://snipr.com/277bv #
  • Atari Champsionship Sprint Arcade Game Indianapolis Craigslist Rockville – $125
    http://snipr.com/27ajx #
  • Cut Crochet Pac-man and ghosts set, made out of felt – $20 in Southfield Michigan –
    http://snipr.com/27ak2 #
  • Midway Gorf arcade game on Craigslist Youngstown Ohio Make offer situation, been sitting in a basement for years – http://snipr.com/273c8 #
  • Free Stern Astro Invader cabinet Brownsburg Indianapolis Craigslist – Has monitor, possibly PCB for Twin Eagle – http://snipr.com/26zd8 #
  • Sale Chillicothe, Ohio Arcade Games Church Fundraiser Deals? Atari Asteroids, Tempest, Missle Command, SI Deluxe – http://snipr.com/26tee #
  • Incredible Hulk Trailer 2! Wow. Now this comic movie I want to see. Much better than big monster vs. big monster, now we see some story. #
  • Incredible Hulk Movie Trailer Link –
    http://snipr.com/26k6c #
  • Great deal on Chicago Craigslist from yesterday? Galaga and Pac-man, make offer situation. HUO for many years? http://snipr.com/26kaa #
  • Rush Attack Dig Dug $300 for both – Detroit Craigslist – Decent Deal – http://snipr.com/26kt5 #
  • Batman on Film – new viral Dark Knight Trailer online this Sunday, May 4th. I want to see intense Harvey Dent "No" again, not bootlegged. #
  • One of the most unique arcade games all time – Maneater – Fiberglass cabinet shaped like shark – Super rare! Ebay.
    http://snipr.com/26mhp #
  • Near North Tonawanda? Potential good deals on some 50+ arcade games in buy bulk with a ton of jukeboxes –
    http://snipr.com/26n87 #
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