Request for photos of Two-Bits Pac-man artwork

Continuing on with arcade artwork comparisons and reviews, I am looking for photos of any piece of reproduction Pac-man artwork that you have bought from Two-Bits. Here are some ideas of artwork that I am looking for;

  • Pac-man Cabaret – Marquee, control panel overlay, monitor bezel
  • Pac-man Cocktail – Glass underlay, control panel overlays
  • Pac-man Upright – Marquee, control panel overlays, kickplate, sideart, monitor bezel glass

If you have the reproduction vinyl sticker artwork that Two-Bits makes, please send me some photos. But I need detailed photos, hopefully anywhere from 5-6 photos from the kickplate or either piece of sideart.

When taking photos, take 3-4 detailed shots of the piece of reproduction artwork you have, and then email me with those photos, zipped or not, I don’t care. If you have the ability to scan the reproduction artwork from Two-Bits, even better.

Photos of Pac-man cocktail and cabaret artwork

I don’t actually own a Pac-man cocktail or cabaret, only an upright cabinet. I have access to a Pac-man cabaret here in Indianapolis, but it is not in the best condition. If you can send detailed, close up photos of your cocktail or cabaret machines so that I can do a comparison, that would be very helpful as well.

Thanks for everyone’s help so far. I think the artwork comparisons showing the accuracy between Two-Bits reproductions and the original artwork has been a beneficial resource to all.

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