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It was requested that I do a simple vector job, trace the classic Rock Ola Logo. I didn’t find an .ai file on Local Arcade, and although I figure that someone else has probably traced this logo before, it is so simple that vectorizing the Rock Ola logo in Illustrator again was hardly a concern.

Rock Ola Vector Logo I had some time tonight after my final in Information Technology Strategy 610 that I thought I would crank the Rock Ola logo out. There isn’t really anything of real interest to note, a one color logo I was told that the primary color is Pantone 2935C. The file was scanned for me, and I just did the trace, punched out the necessary pieces and the file was done in a flash. I told the collector that he should send me some dimensions measured from his current Rock Ola sideart decal, so that I could verify that the artwork was correctly sized and that it had a cutline. I’ll be waiting to hear back from him on that.

It is my understanding that the individual who wanted this vector logo will print out a couple of inkjet copies of it for their arcade games. No big deal, just a fun little job.

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Just wonder about this Rock ola logo!

is that the right one??

Look here : http://www.rock-ola.com/

Isnt it that logo with litle bit more colors?


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You have look at the Rock-Ola logos that were on some of the old arcade games they produced. I worked from a scan of a damaged piece of sideart, so I am 99% sure that the blue Rock-Ola logo is correct. Plus, I’ve seen it on some of those old cabinets.

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Nice work Jeff. Any plans to release the trace to prOk, Rich or another printer to do some side art runs? I have an Eyes project that requires this side art. Thanks

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I ‘kind’ of did the Rock Ola logo vectors on commission, however, the interested party hasn’t gotten me sizes of the logo since I did the vectoring….so who knows. It is kind of up to him. I think you’re more likely to get a digital print of this than a silk screen however…

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Very nicely done! This truly is a piece of art that I never thought would be reproduced. Looks great!

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Thanks man. Rock Ola had some really simple stuff, but since most of their cabinets used this logo it applies to a lot of games. I hope some more people buy the cabinet decal. Are you going to?

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