New Resource – List of Willis Control Panel Overlay Artwork with Photos

When I was visiting Chris Moore over the weekend on my trip to pick up my Universal Mr. Do! in Chicago I was messaged by another collector who posted on RGVAC looking for a photo of a Willis Galaga overlay. Another collector has listed a bunch of parts and artwork on ebay, and he was wanting to check on the condition of the Willis overlay vs. another original.

I got to thinking about how ironic that was. Here I was, sitting at the one collector’s house that I know of that actually has a phenomenal collection of Willis artwork, and someone messages me looking for a comprehensive list of all of the artwork every produced. So, I snapped off some images and complied my own photo gallery list of Willis reproduction control panel overlays.

Smaller catalogs of Willis overlays exist

Now, I did remember that there was the control panel overlay museum, and later on I found out about the photo gallery of Willis overlays on the bombjack website, but again, these can be hard resources to find by doing a general ‘Willis reproduction artwork’ search in Google. Plus neither of them are focused just on Willis artwork.

I grabbed some artwork from those two sites, and built a page that targets Willis control panel overlays only. There are nearly 50 pieces, and I have seven more that I have to check with Chris on for the game.

Some of the pieces listed may be one off reproductions for by operators or other collectors for their games. I will need help, like always, to identify any pieces of artwork I don’t know, any overlays that aren’t actually Willis overlays, and I also need help adding to the list. If you know of any other overlays that Willis produced, shoot me an email with my contact page. I will add a text list to this all photo list of artwork until I can find a photo of that piece. If you have a piece not listed, or have a piece listed here that I have a poor photo (You’ll know the ones, any overlays not on carpet like Centipede, Crystal Castles, Defender, Q*Bert, etc.), please contribute your own and let’s make this the best list possible.

Leave a comment below if you can help.

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