Newly Stenciled Burgertime Cabinet

Got a note from Rich Lint today that he had finished stenciling his Burgertime cabinet and he sent me some photos. For those collectors that have seen a freshly painted arcade cabinet you all know how gorgeous they look. But it’s always worthwhile to see another.

Stencils for your Burgertime

Rich originally started this stenciling topic at BYOAC under the title ‘Burgertime-from Rare to Well Done‘ way back in May of 2007. Originally a Twin Eagle conversion, Rich took this cabinet down to the bare wood and used it as the test bed for his Burgertime kickplate artwork and progress has moved forward from there.

At some point, stencils will be available from This Old Game for your Burgertime, and I will update this post when I have that information. Ok, back to the stenciling photo gallery.

The first photo shows the empty Burgertime cabinet with the trademark satin orange, color matched at a hardware store like Home Depot (probably using the back door) and applied with a foam roller. The first vinyl stencil for the white is applied with tape holding down the edges as well as a few pieces of tape at the top, bottom and side to cover the registration ‘Pac-men’ cutouts.

Burgertime Cabinet Photo 1Burgertime Cabinet Photo 2

For the left side of the cabinet the photos kind of skip around a bit, but we will see proper application of the red as well as registration for the black stencil in the photos for the right side. In these photos we see the black stencil already applied and painted using a can of satin black spray paint as well as the final view of the left side, the character artwork finished and the sideart – looking slick.

Burgertime Cabinet Photo 3Burgertime Cabinet Photo 4

On to the right side of the Burgertime cabinet. Here we have photos of the first stencil before it is applied and we see the superimposed tip from Rich of using the Pac-men as the registration marks. The second photo shows the red stencil applied and properly registered on top of the already applied and dried white stencil. There are only a couple of areas where the red will be applied right onto the base orange color, and as before, all of the loose edges are taped off with painters tape.

Burgertime Cabinet Photo 5Burgertime Cabinet Photo 6

A photo of the red paint applied. It isn’t absolutely necessary to have a paint gun to re-stencil your cabinet. The appearance after application matters little, so you can use a cheaper method and go with the cans of spray paint. (Which I believe you can have color matched as well) The one down side is that most color cans of spray paint only come in a gloss finish.

I don’t have a photo demonstration here, but before the red painted stencil dried, Rich applied a coat or two of satin clear to make the red match the satin white and black stenciled artwork. On the right, the view of the Burgertime cabinet with the red stencil removed.

Burgertime Cabinet Photo 7Burgertime Cabinet Photo 8

The black stencil is the most important layer of the Burgertime sideart. Take a piece of painters tape and run it along the back side of the cabinet and position the stencil at the back of the wood edge while making sure to align the Pac-men registration marks. This is a good tip if you are doing a stencil restoration all by yourself because it pins one edge down for you.

Burgertime Cabinet Photo 9Burgertime Cabinet Photo 10

Once the stencil is aligned you can remove off the vinyl backing and firmly stick the black stencil to the Burgertime cabinet.

Burgertime Cabinet Photo 11Burgertime Cabinet Photo 12

Here’s a photo showing showing the vinyl outline of the artwork with the artwork adhered and the pre-mask removed. Again, all of the edges and registration marks have been taped off. The second photo shows how the side of the cabinet will look after you start to carefully remove pieces of the vinyl. When removing the vinyl make sure the satin black spray paint is still a little damp / not fully dry to try to reduce edges on the paint. Don’t worry if you still get some layered edges, we’ll talk more about that in a second.

Burgertime Cabinet Photo 13Burgertime Cabinet Photo 14

More photos showing the removal of the vinyl stencil remnants for the black. It would be hard to demonstrate with a photo, but Rich also mentioned that even he got the typical ‘ridge’ on the layered stencil artwork. His recommendation is to take a sharp razor blade and lightly shaving down those ridges so that the artwork is smooth to the touch across the face of the cabinet.

Burgertime Cabinet Photo 15Burgertime Cabinet Photo 16
Burgertime stenciling photo gallery complete

Burgertime’s cabinet design is like Food Fight for me, I love that the sideart broke the confined space on the side with an irregular cabinet profile. I don’t know that I would ever keep a dedicated Burgertime in the limited arcade space that is my basement. I like the game, but I don’t think I would play it all the time. But, seeing this re-stenciled and restored artwork surely doesn’t make standing by my laurels any easier 😉

Thanks again to Rich for the update. Remember, if you want to have some stencils made for your arcade cabinet restoration project, you will want to look up Rich at Thisoldgame.com

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You got it here first, exclusive content showing a Burgertime cabinet stenciling at Rotheblog.com.

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Very nice. Makes me want to make room for a Burgertime.

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The side art on mine isn’t bad, but this is still tempting to do if I decide to keep mine. Thanks!

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If you decide to keep the Burgertime? You would fix it and sell it? It isn’t a game you like?

I would be an interested buyer if you want to sell it.

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I like Burgertime but I may sell it.

email an offer–Luke.McClelland@gmail.com

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I already posted a return comment on the other Burgertime post for anyone that tracked this down looking for a Burgertime in the Indianapolis area…


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This website is not a marketplace. If you have an arcade game for sale, please use the contact form.

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