Updated – Arcade Art Reproduction List

It’s late, I’ll try to make this short.

I got the bug to update this page tonight. After adding in about 30-40 pieces of artwork earlier this week that Arcade Renovations made I finally conceded that this list is starting to be a fairly valuable resource. Making this realization I knew what had to be done next.

Making the repro list easier to read

I knew that as the list got longer, and as the descriptions got more specific the small content area on the blog wouldn’t cut it. I knew this meant setting up a different page style in WordPress, with different graphics and styles that would span with the width of the site. I wanted to make sure it was worth the effort before I did so. The list is now worth the effort.

So, go and check out the new ‘Arcade Reproduction Artwork‘ page. I removed this content out from the original post and updated the post and the page to reflect this. I will lose comments for the artwork page itself, collectors will have to leave those on this update post or on the original post entitled List of arcade artwork reproductions – Finished, Out of Stock / In Stock

The page is rough. I would like to add a graphic off to the right to accommodate for the extra space. Having text that wide is uncomfortable to read. I also have hopes to start adding in links to the websites that may or may not still have the arcade artwork for sale so collectors can more easily find it. I am still toying with the idea of eventually breaking out the Inkjet stuff, even the in stock stuff into their own similar pages but I think I will wait on that and assess future growth from here on out and collector response.

As always, you can find a link to this page in the right hand column of any post under ‘Rotheblog’s best work’.

Update August 7th – This Old Game and Phoenix Arcade Art Added

Today I added all of the artwork that This Old Game, Game Stencils and Phoenix Arcade still sell on their websites to the reproduction list. I hope to get some years of when This Old Game printed up their artwork soon, and hopefully Anthony at Quarter Arcade can help me fill in some links to current products that he has on Quarter Arcade.com from arcade artwork he’s produced or remaining stock he bought from Arcade Renovations.

I also finally busted out the arcade artwork that has been solvent inkjet printed into it’s own table. Again, this is a touchy one. Once you start listing some, do you list all of the artwork done by Archer, Mame Marquees and the littler inkjet printers? I don’t know. If there is enough demand, maybe.

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I like the list. There are a few suggestions I would offer up. First, it would be really handy to include the price of the artwork as another column. Obviously you wouldn’t be expected to maintain it as a list of current prices, but if you made a note of it when you added the artwork the first time it would be helpful. Second, there are several games that have artwork available through the common vendors such as arcadeshop.com and Phoenix Arcade that are not on the list. Maybe you could request that they send you an updated list of their artwork for inclusion. Tron comes to mind for me because I just purchased and installed sideart from Phoenix Arcade and I love it! Finally, it could be cool if you listed links to collector sites that have examples of that artwork being used, such as my blog for the Tron restoration showing the new sideart.

Keep up the good work!

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agreed how does the repros of arcadeshop fit in?
as some titles were done by AR are they reprints or leftovers?

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I don’t know enough to know how the reproductions at Arcadeshop fit in. Does anyone out there know, or care to research how long AS had been around? I thought Arcade Shop was around before Arcade Renovations. Did they buy or acquire some of the films, or did Brian Jones get them all from the guy who bought them on eBay in Michigan? I don’t know, I wish I had been doing this since at least 2004.


There are a ton of possibilities for this list, and I think your ideas are good. But for me, the core question I want to answer for people is ‘Was this piece of artwork reproduced before’. With that mission in mind, I think this list is accomplishing that and anything else really is if I want to add in all the work of maintaining it….and I don’t.

I am sure I won’t be adding in prices and I don’t think I will be linking to collector’s restorations. It isn’t about how is was used but if it’s available. I can do collector spotlights and serve the searching better and be more specific by doing that in post format.

I will probably go through and add everything from Phoenix Arcade. I am on the fence about AS. As Rich said, there are some repeats and accuracy gets hairy there. I am going to stew on this more. It might come down to that I might not add anything from Arcade Shop just because of how terrible the design is on Steven Gregory’s website. Just out of principal….

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