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I do a lot of research and idea generation for this arcade game blog, but as with any discipline I can’t write about every topic knowledgeably because I just don’t know about every aspect about arcade games.

If you have ever wanted to write / start your own website about your arcade game collection, this might be the opportunity for you. Either you can write about whatever you want, or as you will see I will list some article ideas for topics that I would like written about some of these games.

Some Post Ideas for Rotheblog

I keep a running tab of post ideas that I will at any time pull from and start to research for writing on this blog. Figuring out a worthwhile idea to write about for arcade games can sometimes be the biggest time obstacle. I am going to try to remove this roadblock for you, the interested collector / writer.

Here are some of the posts I would like to talk about here, but can’t because I don’t own that particular game or don’t know enough technically;

  • Converting a Super Pac-man arcade game to work with Mike Doyle’s 96 in 1 Multi Pac
  • Comparison article showing the differences in the reproduction Star Wars Yoke artwork vs. the original while noting the revision numbers in the comparison
  • Installing and setting up your very own Donkey Kong 2 with the kit from Arcade Shop
Or pick your own arcade article

My philosophy has always been that just because an article has been explained before, doesn’t mean that it can’t be again. Information on any forum is notoriously exempt from Google search engine results, including arcade game forums. Some collectors websites are so puny that Google barely knows they exist, and usually those enthusiasts don’t use terms that the average searcher will know to use. Each person has their own style of learning, and one article on ‘converting your arcade cabinet to a Jamma cabinet’ will be written differently with different information than the next article on a Jamma conversion.

You get promotion

This is a hard motivation to find in a hobby like this. Most collectors don’t find promotion to be a motivator, because their arcade website isn’t for profit. And those websites that sell games online usually don’t have the time to write an article themselves, or are at a loss for what to write about. But, if you want tens of thousands of visitors to see your site and your collection, I will do a little linkback and talk about you at the end of your article. Right now, that’s the best I can do.

So, if you have an idea, I am all ears. Even something as simple as the best paint, tools, and technique for painting the kickplate on a Centipede. May seem simple, but done wrong it can be frustrating and waste a collector’s tight fisted money.

If you think you can help out this arcade game blog with one of the articles above, email me or use the contact form above. Or, if you have your own ideas please let me know. My dream posts would be about fixing arcade game monitors and game boards (PCBs), but I will start smaller 😉

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