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Dig Dug Cabaret Control Panel Overlay Artwork

Here’s a pretty niche little reproduction project that is going to happen, a small run of Dig dug cabaret (mini) control panel overlays. My guess is that probably around 25 pieces will be made, and pre orders for the Dig Dug overlays have already begun – Dig Dug overlays at RGVACDig Dug overlays at Klov. Well, now the artwork is done so the artwork is in the hands of Rich Lint to make the prints actually happen.

Dig Dug Cabaret Photo with Centipede


Mr. Do! Instructions Artwork Progress 2

I haven’t forgotten about my project to vectorize and prep the Universal Mr. Do! instruction artwork for reproductions. I have been picking at the artwork when I can, worked on it for an hour or so on my little mini vacation to Toronto for Fan Expo at the end of August, and I do a half hour stint here and there. The text matching has been a bore, but you can see that I am through most of that. (more…)

Interesting Arcade Links – 2008-09-28

  • Sega Frogger on Cincinnati Craigslist – Owner is looking for a trade – http://snipr.com/3snxi #
  • Atari Star Wars arcade game – $500 – Columbus Ohio Craigslist – Needs a power supply apparently – http://snipr.com/3snxm #
  • Updated the Flip Flop pinball post with in person photos I took this weekend – http://snipr.com/3soj7 #
  • Updated my Ms. Pac-man stenciling tutorial Part 1 with what I learned from my own experiences – http://snipr.com/3sojd #
  • Return of the Jedi arcade game on Grand Rapids Craigslist – $1000. Price seems fairly high to me for real value – http://snipr.com/3t3o4 #
  • Star Wars arcade game on Cincinnati area Craigslist (Lebanon) for $500. Apparently has some sort of monitor issue – http://snipr.com/3t794 #
  • Thief arcade game for $1200. Awesome rare game sold by a comedian!! Get real man. Seriously. – http://snipr.com/3t798 #
  • Donkey Kong Jr. Arcade Game – $275 on Cincinnati Craigslist. Worth about that if you keep it & it’s working – http://snipr.com/3tb68 #
  • Williams Stargate NW for $150 on Indianapolis Craigslist. Third cheap Stargate sold around $100 under a month. – http://snipr.com/3tffr #
  • Photos from inside an arcade in North Korea. Pretty interesting. Surprising they even have these games – http://snipr.com/3v21a #
  • Added Dig Dug logo to artwork page, and alphabetized those logos. – http://snipr.com/3v7k8 #

Updated Website – Tokens Only

Chris Moore and I had been talking, and now that he is sharing some great arcade information with some regularity on his Tokens Only arcade blog he was finding that there needed to be some changes from how he thought his website would be structured. Since his navigation is image based, that meant some changes to the buttons and I thought this a perfect time to do an update on the joystick that the original designer made some 2-3 years ago. (more…)

Amazing Arcade Themed Illustration

Looking through my feeds today for some design ideas I came across a post that had an awesome piece of arcade themed artwork in it! Check out this Space Invaders, Pac-man and much more-piece below. Oh, and to me this one doesn’t even scratch the surface of some of the work of this Guilherme Marconi! Makes me feel awestruck inspired and silly all at once.

Marconi - Arcade


Crazy arcade game of the day – Swimmer

I got to browsing some profiles on the Great Game Database the other night and I came across a listing for a game called ‘Swimmer’. Never heard of that one. I went and checked out the listing on KIov – hum dinger. Purple people eaters, underwater fruit, crabs with crane like claws and full artwork including speaker grill overlays on top of Presidential wood grain cabinet?! This is a doozie. Check it out.

Swimmer Marquee


Reproducing Control Panel Artwork – Measurements

I wrote about how to measure / figure out the placement of the controls on your game control panel, now let’s talk about how to get the correct measurements for your artwork, and how to set up your Illustrator canvas to match. It’s pretty easy, but if you haven’t sat down and thought about it then getting the correct measurements on your artwork may be difficult. (more…)