Cheyenne Sideart Update, Sort Of

I have had an email or two over the past couple of months asking me about the Cheyenne sideart. While this project hasn’t been my baby beyond the five minutes I had it, I don’t mind replying and reminding people what is going on with the reproduction art for this game.

I had written two months back in a post about the Exidy Cheyenne artwork that sold on eBay that the sideart is at a standstill. Everything is ready to roll with the right sideart, but Brian Jones still needs a scan / NOS piece of the left side of the cabinet to reproduce the set.

I don’t have any personal interest in this sideart for a machine myself so I haven’t been trying to hunt down a collector who has an NOS piece of the left side. I had mentioned in that previous post that I hoped someone would step forward. At the very least, someone could go through the list of Cheyenne owners on VAPS, no matter how outdated the VAPS list is, and see if one of the owners happens to have a piece of unapplied artwork or know someone who does. But, in the end, the fact is if you own this machine and you want to see this reproduced, you acquire a scan of the left side artwork. Interested parties know what Brian needs, it isn’t up to him to hunt it down.

Two months back I heard of a collector (Rick G.) who was a serious collector from 1995-2000 that was going to try to sell his collection of NOS arcade artwork, and it was a sizeable collection. If I remember right, he had both sides for a Cheyenne that he was looking to sell for a fair market price. If you know him you might contact him to see if that Exidy stuff is still for sale.

The other possibility is that Keith in PA at one time / still does have a lot of NOS Exidy artwork, and may have kept some for himself. Someone might get in touch with him to see if he has any Cheyenne that he might lend out to Brian Jones.

In the end it really comes down to those people that are interested in seeing this artwork reproduced. Anyone out there willing to take the ball and do a little legwork? Make this Cheyenne project happen? It’s up to you guys.

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I wouldn’t mind getting the contact info for this Rick G. There are a few things I would like to find out if he has kicking around..

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Sounds like he knows Jon Exidy, so maybe get in touch with him if you know Jon and he can make the contact.

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