Interesting Arcade Links – 2008-09-14

  • Olympics pinball machine for $100 in Greenwood, Indiana Craigslist. Also has a ‘Miss America pinball’ for $175 – http://snipr.com/3o770 #
  • Small update of information to my Mr. Do! conversion control panel artwork post from May of this year. – http://snipr.com/3ojs7 #
  • Update to Pac-mania post, local Indianapolis collector picked up the game for the time being. – http://snipr.com/3okgo #
  • Spoke with Darin Jacobs today, did some updates on the artwork reproduction page, new additions, changes, etc. – http://snipr.com/3p0q8 #
  • Left messenger up again, I apologize to those who messaged me. For those asking about cap kits you will need your monitor model number. #
  • Price drop on the Stryder arcade game for sale on my website from $300 to $275. – http://snipr.com/3p354 #
  • All years added for Phoenix Arcade artwork & 3-4 additional arcde repros added to the list, mostly Robotro stuff – http://snipr.com/3p0q8 #
  • Rolly Derby Pinball for $125 in Edinburgh Indiana just south of Indianapolis, on Craigslist – http://snipr.com/3p92g #
  • Gyruss, Galaxian, Tempest arcade games for sale on Chicago Craigslist. Make an offer type of deal – http://snipr.com/3p93a #
  • Star Wars arcade game working in Geneva IL for $650. Decent price I guess if you want one and are local – http://snipr.com/3pbw1 #
  • Added Arkanoid and Ghosts N’ Goblins, plus other updates to the arcade reproduction artwork list – http://snipr.com/3p0q8 #
  • To the individual asking about arcade game that was a cartoon that was decision based, that sounds a little bit like Dragon’s Lair / Space. #
  • Cabal conversion arcade game in Track and Field cabinet – $160, Grand Rapids Craigslist. Price a little high. – http://snipr.com/3pwz3 #
  • Mr. Do’s Wild Ride for $100 in Hampshire, IL – Needs repair, Chicago area Craigslist – http://snipr.com/3q3mh #
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