Interesting Arcade Links – 2008-09-21

  • Louisville Craigslist ad looking for Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter II arcade game, willing to trade Road Blasters http://snipr.com/3qaio #
  • I’m in need of a decent / professional photographer local to Indianapolis that might be interested in a trade of services. Anyone know one? #
  • I went back to the old Rotheblog.com logo. Tried it in Arial Rounded and AG Book Rounded. Just didn’t feel right. Now onto t-shirts. #
  • Added a few more items to my arcade parts for sale page, mostly marquees. Crazy Kong, Two Tigers, Vs. Golf – http://snipr.com/3qrgr #
  • Original Nintendo Mario Brothers arcade game – $150 in Indianapolis. Must’ve sold, author deleted Craigslist ad – http://snipr.com/3qsfg #
  • Sad Armor Attack conversion / Multi Arcade Game – Expensive at $600 – http://quadcities.craigslist.org/tag/843749692.html #
  • Added in years for all This Old Game arcade artwork to reproduction list, and Centipede overlays – http://snipr.com/3k90j #
  • Defender arcade game machine in Ann Arbor Michigan Craigslist – $300 – NW – Doesn’t specify issue – http://snipr.com/3r761 #
  • Time Pilot arcade game in Lansing, MI for $230. Don’t know value on this game, may be about right. Game works – http://snipr.com/3rleu #
  • Star Explorer pinball for $75 in Indianapolis, IN. Looks like me like some sort of cheap home unit – http://snipr.com/3rs6r #
  • Sorry I missed the message about the odd Mr. Do! control panel & from scratch cabinet. To the visitor I missed, do send me some photos. #
  • Donkey Kong Cabaret arcade game for a cheap price of $125 – Indianapolis, IN Craigslist – http://snipr.com/3rwq5 #
  • Pac-man cocktail arcade game for $400 on Chicago Craigslist – Not a bad deal, might look at it if it was closer – http://snipr.com/3rwqw #
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