Interesting Arcade Links – 2008-09-28

  • Sega Frogger on Cincinnati Craigslist – Owner is looking for a trade – http://snipr.com/3snxi #
  • Atari Star Wars arcade game – $500 – Columbus Ohio Craigslist – Needs a power supply apparently – http://snipr.com/3snxm #
  • Updated the Flip Flop pinball post with in person photos I took this weekend – http://snipr.com/3soj7 #
  • Updated my Ms. Pac-man stenciling tutorial Part 1 with what I learned from my own experiences – http://snipr.com/3sojd #
  • Return of the Jedi arcade game on Grand Rapids Craigslist – $1000. Price seems fairly high to me for real value – http://snipr.com/3t3o4 #
  • Star Wars arcade game on Cincinnati area Craigslist (Lebanon) for $500. Apparently has some sort of monitor issue – http://snipr.com/3t794 #
  • Thief arcade game for $1200. Awesome rare game sold by a comedian!! Get real man. Seriously. – http://snipr.com/3t798 #
  • Donkey Kong Jr. Arcade Game – $275 on Cincinnati Craigslist. Worth about that if you keep it & it’s working – http://snipr.com/3tb68 #
  • Williams Stargate NW for $150 on Indianapolis Craigslist. Third cheap Stargate sold around $100 under a month. – http://snipr.com/3tffr #
  • Photos from inside an arcade in North Korea. Pretty interesting. Surprising they even have these games – http://snipr.com/3v21a #
  • Added Dig Dug logo to artwork page, and alphabetized those logos. – http://snipr.com/3v7k8 #
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