Moon Shuttle Marquee Scan

Really quick. Yesterday I got a hi resolution scan of a marquee for the game Moon Shuttle. Kind of random I know, but if anyone wants a copy of the two files to stitch together you can download them from this post.

Uh. Moon Shuttle? Random.

Might seem that way. I don’t have any interest in this Moon Shuttle marquee in particular, even though it has some decently cool artwork and it is an older game having been released in 1981. Here’s a thumbnail.

The Moon Shuttle Marquee

However, a month or so back I was talking with Bill Johnston and he mentioned he was going to possibly mail this marquee out to another collector and then asked, “Do you want a scan of it?” Well, I didn’t personally need the artwork, but like I mentioned back in my story about obtaining my Mr. Do! in Chicago, James is always looking for artwork to help with the Mame project. James has always been so helpful in the past, I feel like I owe him one…actually many. I emailed him and asked him if he was interested in a copy and he said ‘yes’, so that is why I had Bill go through with the scan.

If Moon Shuttle is a favorite game of yours then maybe you want a copy of this marquee as well. Thanks to Bill for taking the time clean it up, scan it and send it off. Just click on the marquee image above to download the zipped scans.

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