White Mr. Do! in New York

A little persistence and a good memory pays off. Last week I saw a post on the Klov forums by a member named ‘alphamonster’ (Eric D.). That rang a bell and I remembered that I was tracking down an arcade collector by the same handle who I thought had a white Mr. Do! with sideart. Turns out I was right, and this time I was more successful.

Mr. Do! in New York is closer than California

Other than the sideart Mr. Do! in California, this one side of character artwork on this cabinet is one of the better I have seen.

White Mr. Do! in New York

Most of the artwork is still there, and there is a possibility I could get some good straight on photos to work on finally piecing together what I don’t have. Since this is my pet project, and there are so few of these machines, photos will be fine. They will have to be good photos, but the Mr. Do! characters on the side of the arcade machine are the same as the ones on the bezel, and with the basic pattern I should be able to reproduce the remaining artwork fairly easily. Either way I will have to adept it if I want the Mr. Do! art to fit on my blank Midway cabinet.

I took a look back through old posts on klov as I was researching and trying to contact ‘alphamonster’ about his Mr. Do! and I found a post on Klov from 2002 where he might have picked up this machine in a bulk arcade game buy. From what I was told just last month, these Mr. Do! machines towards the east coast were a pretty common thing. Eric also has a simple arcade website where he is currently trying to sell a few games like Frenzy and Gravitar if you are in the area and looking.

Thanks to Eric for the photo and hopefully I’ll be able to get some more images soon as time allows.

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Hey Jeff,

FYI – the image URL for the larger view appears to be no good.

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I can’t say I have ever seen anything quite like that.

When I clicked last night for the larger image of the Mr. Do!, it came up fine. But just now, I tried to view both the thumb and the larger image by the direct path…nothing. Yeah, I can’t view the thumb which is displaying fine by it’s own direct path…

So, I downloaded them locally, and there didn’t appear to be any errors, I could open them fine. So, I deleted the two Mr. Do! images from the server and republished and that seemed to fix it. Maybe a permission error?

Thank you for the heads up.

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That is strange…it’s still not working for me. If I go to the directory for Mr. Do! images (/mrdo/), links to the images are shown but clicking every link on that page results in a 404 for me.

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