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I’ve been busy you might say on many different projects. Here is one that I started about three weeks ago, a new contract / freelance website design for a client here in Indianapolis called Image Builders Institute.com. Image Builders is an Incentive and Impression management service in the Indianapolis area and their website looks static, but is built off of WordPress.

The Image Builders website

This website came as a result of a long relationship I have had with the owner, Julie Carson, from when I moved to the Indianapolis area starting back in 2003. Visit Imagebuildersinstitute.com.

Image Builders Institute Website Screens
Image Builders Institute Business Card

A little bit about the website / features

Julie has classic, simple taste in design and I evaluated that immediately off our initial conversations about the look and feel for this website. The main requirement for this website, other than the fact that she needed to have an online presence was that she also wanted to maintain most of the content for small text changes and updating events, etc.

WordPress cometh

You wouldn’t even know the framework for this site is built around WordPress, but it is. WordPress allows you to set a static page for the opening homepage and once you hard code in some links that aren’t pulled from the database nothing says you have to display a traditional ‘post’ with a date and comments field at all. WordPress can hide behind the standard website and act solely as a tool to maintain your website as well as make it more optimized for search engines.

The most interesting aspect of this particular site is the dynamic sidebars. Each page’s sidebar, albeit only links, are specific to each page and a little different. WordPress by default doesn’t provide easy functionality from the admin to maintain different sidebars for each page, and you don’t see that enabled on most basic blogs. But using some simple conditionals testing for specific page id’s we can feed specific content to each page in the blue sidebar. Pretty cool.

Julie’s website was definitely a budget project, I gave her a nice discount because of our standing relationship. Usually in a budget project less time is spent on developing the graphics and the layout for each individual page. You might be able to see that in the more standard format, pages of text offset by an image or two. All of the images were purchased from istock.com for a couple of bucks each. The contact form is really robust and easy, just cforms plugin for WordPress and it’s done. These are a couple of ways to keep the costs down as well as make the website easier to maintain later on.

I don’t usually do print communications, but I can design and prep print artwork for your printer of choice and in this case we did a business card to make the brand with the royal blue and the French Script logo.

About Rothecreations.com

Rothecreations.com is my freelance web design site. I do contract website design out of Indianapolis for just a handful of clients, and currently my portfolio website is in revision to be updated soon, hopefully in the next week or two. Because this is not my full time job, and my full time job comes first I am not able to spend a lot of time adding to the site itself. But it does give a taste for my work, web design and illustration.

If you are in need of some contract web design you can contact me here through my blog for a quote, or just email me at rothecreations@gmail.com.

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